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10 Best Hair Color Brands for Indian Men

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Hair coloring is not just to make your hair trendy and fashionable looking, but it is also used to cover the grey hair. We have put together a list of the best hair colors for men in the market.  Hair coloring kits can be used at home easily and they contain a creamy base with a developer. Out of the so many shades of hair colors, the major ones are black, dark brown, natural Brown burgundy and honey. These colors  suit Indian skin tone the most. So let’s check the list of the brands that makes hair colors suitable for men as well.

List of best hair Color brands for men in India

1. Garnier Color Naturals Men Hair Color

Garnier Color Naturals Men Hair Color

The brand makes hair color for men as well in smaller packs that can be utilized by men for a single time use. The natural looking color is a no Ammonia formula that gives permanent hair coloring to men. It is rich in three precious oils that nourish your hair while it colors. It is a rich formula that is not dripping and has a pleasant smell.

Price: 115 rupees for 30 grams

2. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color

Godrej expert rich creme hair color is available in variety of natural looking shades like a natural brown, natural black, dark brown and some more. It contains aloe vera and milk protein that does not make your skin dry after the color. It is Ultra soft deep Shine properties with a no ammonia formula. It gives you long lasting color and 100% grey coverage.

Price: 99 rupees

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3. Bigen Men’s Speedy Color

Bigen Men's Speedy Color

The natural hair color is for men and gives you beautiful colored hair in just 10 minutes. It has three conditioning ingredients like olive oil and pullulan. It gives you naturally and healthy looking hair in just few minutes. It is available in multiple sheets and is a no Ammonia hair color for men to that you can mix the developer and the cream to get a smooth texture. Apply evenly on your hair and leave for 10 minutes.

Price: 425 rupees

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4. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color

Revlon Top Speed Hair Color

Revlon top speed hair color is specially designed for men’s hair. It covers grey hair in just 5 minutes. Out of the multiple shades from this brand, you can pick up a natural brown color which suits Indian hair the most. It contains mother of Pearl and gensing root extract for stronger and shiny hair. It is specially formulated for 100% grey hair coverage. You can apply it once in a month to keep your hair dark looking and its easy to apply formula is suitable for men with grey hair or who want to have some color.

Price: 575 rupees

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5. Just For Men Hair Color

Just For Men Hair Color

The brand makes hair color for men that target the grey hair for a natural looking color. Their real black color suits Indian men the most and last EP 26 weeks. It’s a single time application hair coloring kit that you can easily try at home it gives you dark looking hair strands within 5 minutes. You should read the application tips before applying the colors. The product is ammonia free and has a non drip formula that does not create mess while you use it.

Price: 880 Rupees

6. Dr. Batra’s Herbal Hair Color Cream

Dr. Batra's Herbal Hair Color Cream

Dr Batra’s hair color cream is a herbal product that is free of ammonia and chemicals that can harm your hair. It is recommended by trichologists and it safe for sensitive scalp. The color protects and covers grey hair and gives natural shine and luster. It can be applied by both men and women. It gives you long lasting hair color that looks rich and vibrant.

Price: 550 rupees for 130 ml

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7. BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color

BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color

The high Shine cream formula of this product is due to the silk proteins in it. It is a suitable product that comes with an additional element which is the Shine tonic. It gives you Salon like shiny hair at home within just 15 minutes. It contains and Ammonia free formula that is safe to give your 100% grey hair coverage. It gives the color that lasts up 28 weeks. It is one of the best affordable hair color for men and women.

Price: 185 rupees for 100 grams

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8. L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

L’Oreal Paris casting creme gloss is available in variety of shades and their dark brown color is highly suitable for men and women with medium Indian skin tone. It is a gentle caring formula that is not drying for your hair after the coloring session. It’s a non Ammonia hair color that gives you natural looking vibrant hair. It covers your grey hair and gives a natural looking color that lasts up to 28 shampoos. You can get beautiful color in just 20 minutes. The product also does not have unpleasant smell.

Price: 550 Rupees for a kit that men can use at least 2 to 3 times.

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9. Aequo Color Men 1N Jet Black Organic Hair Color Kit

Aequo Color Men 1N Jet Black Organic Hair Color Kit 

The hair coloring cricket is specially made for men. It has zero percent SLS paraben and other chemicals that can dry your hair and disrupt the natural pH balance. It’s organic hair color for men that give you a natural dark color. It is available in black brown, dark brown, golden brown and some other color that suits the skin tone of Indian men. It contains which proteins and sunflower extracts along with keratin that also nourishes your damaged hair. It is also a No Ammonia hair color kit.

Price: 995 rupees for 160 ml

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10. Iba Halal Care Hair Color

Iba Halal Care Hair Color

The very affordable hair color is a pure Henna conditioning color that gives you less hair fall and it’s a for frequent use. It gives you 100% coverage in just 30 minutes. It is free of Ammonium, Sulphates, paraben and even alcohols. The hair conditioning formula gives you shiny and longer hair. It is available in multiple shapes like dark brown, coal etc. 

Price: 150 rupees for 60 grams

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So, this is the list that we created about the best hair colors for men that they can try to keep the hair dark looking and to change the hair color, if they get bored of the same hair color.

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