Freewill Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair serum Review

freewill products review and price

Hi guys, recently I got to try the customized hair care products from Freewill. The range of product consists of a shampoo conditioner and hair serum. These products are customized, which means that they are made according to my hair type and whatever the concerns that I have currently. The products (shampoo, conditioner and serum) have been made including the natural ingredients, added according to the hair type and hair issues that we let the brand know during the questionnaire.

The idea was quite innovating that the brand not just offers regular shampoo and conditioner rather the products are made for me.

This is why, I like this entire idea of customized hair care products and the way the personalization of the bottles are done. By adding the customer’s name on the bottles, I can assure that this gives a nice first impression and a feel good factor.

These Freewill hair products are paraben and sulphate free and are devoid of the harmful chemicals in them. I got to try these products recently and now after using them for 2 to 3 weeks I realized that they suit my hair quite well.

While filling the questionnaire, my topmost concern was the “little bit of extra oiliness” of the scalp and hair fall. Every year, during monsoons, my hair would get very greasy from the scalp and as far as I know, it also makes the hair fall more.

I have short hair so, otherwise, I generally lose about 10 to 12 hair strands daily but during this time somehow I was losing a lot more hair which was the big concern and issue for me to be honest.

When I tried these products, I got rid of the excessive oiliness and even the hair loss was under controlled. Though it has not completely or I would say stop the hair fall totally, but certainly they were not as much as they were earlier.

The shampoo contains keratin, vegetable proteins and other organically derived ingredients which work as a whole in making the hair stronger. The Freewill shampoo has a moisturizing yet effective formula that cleanses the scalp and even lifts off the day-to-day product build up. The shampoo comes in a very tall bottle with the pump dispenser. I prefer pump dispenser packaging a lot as they have a lot more ease while using them. Even the conditioner is packaged in a similar way, it’s just that the bottle is smaller.

The next product is the hair serum which is rich in Argan all. As you may have heard millions of time or even noticed in that hair care products have Argan oil in them. Argan oil is also referred as “Liquid Gold” which is wonderful for moisturizing the hair and adding the bounce and sheen.


Let’s talk about the shampoo and conditioner first.

I quite liked the pretty blue color of the shampoo and conditioner. They both have mild pleasant fragrance. I was earlier in a habit of washing my hair everyday using the shampoo or the hair cleanser but nowadays I have started shampooing my hair every alternate day. So when I used this Freewill shampoo, I require really less product. Around half teaspoon is sufficient for men with short hair like me. I generally don’t use conditioners much, because I have oily hair and the conditioner would touch the scalp in any ways, making the scalp oily afterwards.

Though, once a week, I would apply the conditioner only on the hair ends and wash the scalp thoroughly.

After using the shampoo I felt that hair feels very shiny and soft to touch. Even the scalp gets cleansed properly and there are no traces of oiliness.

Coming to the serum, I use serum to give shine to my hair and to act as a protective layer, before using hair dryer. The serum has very nice smell and it gives that shine to the hair.

Even while touching the hair, one can feel that the hair have become very soft and silky.

Overall, the range works well for me and I would really recommend it, if you like to try it.

You can take the hair assessment yourself here:

In this questionnaire, you will be asked different questions about your hair type, texture, current lifestyle, and some additional hair related factors that will help the brand decide the best product and the best ingredients that will address your hair problems the best.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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