How Men Can Deal with Hair Loss Due to Stress

How Men Can Deal with Hair Loss Due to Stress

Hair is a beautiful part of our body as it adds to our appearance and beauty. Hair is undoubtedly one of the attractive parts of the body. Imagine yourself without hair? It’s scary right? Don’t you feel so? I am scared too! I love my hair and take extra care when I see a particular day if there is high hair fall. Hair fall can be due to many reasons. May be because of the dirty hair, infection on scalp, some side effect of medicine or due to stress. But in this article I would share how to deal hair loss due to stress. Men too aren’t left untouched with the problem of hair fall and receding hair line due to the stress and anxiety that we experience in the day today life.

Many of you must not know that you lose your hair if you are stressed and hectic in routine. Know how stress causes hair fall and how you can treat it. Here we are going to throw some light on how can one stop or at least minimize the hair loss because of the lifestyle tension and stress.

Hair Loss and Stress

Do you actually think hair loss and stress are connected?

Yes, they both are connected. Stress cause too much of hair loss and there are 3 type of hair loss due to stress. Let’s see what they are;

  • Telogen effluvium
  • Trichotillomania.
  • Alopecia areata

Telogen effluvium

This type of stress pushes the hair follicles into resting or dead mode and there after in few months the hair starts falling. These can start falling simply and suddenly either when you comb or wash etc.


In this type of stress people have or experience an unbearable or uncontrollable urge to pull hair from scalp, eye brow or any part of skin. Pulling hair can be a means to sooth oneself to overcome the excitement, frustration, depression, stress and tension.

Alopecia areata

Now comes the last type of stress and this condition may be caused due to several reasons but severe stress can be the most important factor. The immune system attacks hair follicles in this case and therefore cause severe hair fall.

Use of good hair care products also help, like saw palmetto shampoos for hair  loss.

How to fight hair loss due to stress factor

Deal with Hair Loss Due to Stress 2

Now you know the reasons how you lose hair due to stress Know what can help you to fight this

Have enough sleep and relax your senses

Eight hours sleep is very crucial for your body and well being. If you do not sleep well your diet pattern and performance level changes and gradually you get excited, tensed and stressed. The mood and behavior changes so it is necessary to regulate sleeping patterns.

  • Try to sleep and wake up at same time. This will help to form a regular sleep cycle.
  • Try to avoid things that stimulate your nerves. Do not drink tea or coffee, avoid hearing loud music, do not spend so much time in front of TV screens or monitors.
  • Instead you can try hot oil head massage, drinking warm milk or baths to feel sleepy.

Exercise as much as you can

When you exercise you body produce a certain hormone called endorphins. This is also called as a happy hormone. This hormone helps you to relax and sooth. So, it is suggested to take time for you and forget the world issues for some time. Exercise may include;

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Gym

This will relieve stress and cause happiness. The hormones that are released are going to help you get calm down and fight the anxiety and stress in a better way. Moreover, it can be mood lifting for you as well.

Eat healthy to reduce hair fall and stress

Eat healthy food. Eat lots of dairy products, leafy vegetables and fruits. Eat food high in protein and vitamins. Involve vitamin C, A and E supplements in your diet. Diet high in proteins is not helpful for the body but also for your hair.

Involve in activities which makes you feel fresh and happy

It will really cure most of the problem. Let yourselves relax, calm and think want and where you can involve which will help you breath and relax from the stressing agent.

Here are few activities which can help;

  • Get yourself pampered.Go to a spa. Body massage or massage any where on body helps to relieve out stress.
  • Get yourself groomed go to beauty salons.
  • Go out to an amusement park or a movie.
  • Go for music, dance, cooking, painting, interior, fashion or grooming classes. Pick the one you want to do the most and think what will help you to forget the stress causing agent.
  • Go out for charity. Spend some time in orphaned or old age.
  • Learn technology. Most of the elderly people do not use and do not know how to use latest gadgets. Try to remove your frustration in right place. Learn what you ever wanted to.
  • Meditation can help reduce the stress effectively. In fact, it can works for the overall, well being and happiness.

Go to therapist if the condition worsens

If you think none of the above works and it becomes difficult to repair hair then its better to take a therapist advice. 80-90% recovers hair as soon as they find an outlet for stress. Be positive and see things changing around you.

So, these are some tips and methods that can help you get minimize the hair fall primarily due to the stress. Reduce the stress levels and naturally, you can expect to have good hair health followed by the good diet.

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