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8 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men in India with Price

8 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men in India

Hi guys, Are you suffering from dandruff? I can understand that men gets irritating and conscious when they have dandruff problem. This is because when we wear black T shirts, shirts etc then the dandruff flakes looks embarrassing. Not only that the itching etc can be annoying while we are busy doing work in office or while taking a lecture in college, So, does that happened with you too? Yes, when we have dandruff, things like that happens. So what is the solution. You can either try anti dandruff shampoos and anti dandruff hair oils. In this post guys, I will be sharing the best anti dandruff shampoos that men can try to get rid of the dandruff problem. Let see these anti dandruff shampoo. By the way friends, you can also read our natural dandruff care tips. 8 best anti dandruff shampoo for men in india

8 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men in India

Here is the list of the top best shampoos suitable to control the dandruff in men. These can be tried everyday by men who like to keep the hair shinier and free of dandruff.

1. Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo 

Head & Shoulders is the leader in dandruff controlling shampoos.The shampoo is also rich in the menthol that gives cooling sensation after you have washed the hair. It shows the results right from the first wash itself. Head&Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo is one of the freshest and liveliest shampoos from the H&S portfolio. It is intensely refreshing, with a shot of tingly menthol for revitalizing freshness, leaving hair up to 100% dandruff free!

Price: Rs. 135 for 180ml

2. VLCC Dandruff Control Shampoo  

This is rich in the dandruff controlling ingredients that will not dry the scalp or hair but will cleanse the dandruff easily. Furthermore, this will also prevent the dandruff infection as dandruff is caused by a fungal infection. You can get this dandruff control shampoo for Rs 174. Also check out the dry hair shampoos for men if your hair is dry and dull.

3. Oriflame Nature Secrets Shampoo Anti-Dandruff With Burdock & Grapefruit

best Anti-dandruff Shampoo This Oriflame anti dandruff shampoo is quite expensive as this is for Rs 850 but you can get this for discount. It is filled with the burdock and grapefruit extracts which helps to cure the dandruff and gives shine to the hair.

4. Trichup Anti Dandruff Shampoo 

trichup best Anti-dandruff Shampoo Trichup Anti Dandruff Shampoo is for the dandruff control shampoo with powerful herbs. This dandruff treating Shampoo is made of powerful herbs, rosemary and Tea tree oil which give a natural scent and purity to this shampoo. You can get this f or 250 rupees and is able to control the dandruff from the first few usages only.

5. Joy Hair Fruits Conditioning Shampoo Dandruff Control

joy best Anti-dandruff Shampoo Joy Hair Fruits Dandruff Control Fortifying Shampoo is rich in the Lemon and Olive. Olive is beneficial in giving moisture to the hair and also for the hair strength. While lemon is good for eliminating the dandruff flakes. You know friends, lemon juice is acidic hence it will cure the dandruff and gives a fresh feel to the scalp. Moreover, the oil build up that we have on the scalp will also be cleared off with this shampoo, hence this is also a great shampoo or oily limp hair. Small pack of this shampoo is for 75 rupees.

6. Khadi Natural Herbal Neem Sat Shampoo

khadi best Anti-dandruff Shampoo Khadi shampoo is rich in neem extracts. Neem sat shampoo is ideal for people with extreme dandruff as neem is anti fungal in nature. Dandruff is caused by fungi hence the natural ingredients that helps to eradicate the fungus will be helpful in curing the dandruff from the face. This is priced at just Rs 230 for 200 ml pack hence even if you wash the hair everyday it will last for 7-8 weeks. It also contains Tulsi extracts which is also a great anti bacterial and anti fungal product hence you get maximum benefits.

7. Lotus Kera-Veda Shikakai-Amla Herbal Shampoo – Amlapura

lotus best Anti-dandruff Shampoo Lotus herbals amlapura herbal shampoo is blended with amla, shikakai, reetha. These three herbs are powerful to control the dandruff and also hair fall. So, if you are facing hair fall due to dandruff then do try this lotus herbals kera-veda shikakai – amla herbal shampoo. This anti dandruff shampoo is for 390 rupees for 200 ml each pack.

8. Biotique Bio Margosa Anti – Dandruff Shampoo

best Anti-dandruff Shampoo This Biotique shampoo for dandruff is only for 159 rupees. This is a refreshing formula which is a blend of the margosa which is neem and euphorbia along with the bhringraj herb to control dandruff. It is also ideal for relieving the dryness, scalp itchiness and maintain the pH balance of the scalp.

So, This was the list of the best anti dandruff shampoos available in India that men can try to get dandruff free hair.

You can also check out the best hair styling creams for men in India to style your hair. Till then have a great day!! 🙂

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