Is it Safe to Use Charcoal Peel Off Mask?

charcoal peel off mask

Charcoal is the latest most used and loved product that beauty industry loves.  You will see people talking a lot about this beauty product and especially the charcoal peel off face mask. But why the product has suddenly gained so much popularity in the recent time? It’s actually because of the purifying benefits of this product. Activated charcoal present in the charcoal peel off face mask is a detoxifying ingredient, which helps to dissolve the impurities and removes oils effectively. This leave your face feel fresh and bright. So, while there are so many benefits of this charcoal face mask, let’s get to know.

Charcoal is highly adsorbent in nature, this is why it sucks all the impurities lying on your skin surface. So while the product is pretty safe to be applied on all skin types, it is a boon for oily and acne prone skin. Someone with oily face would experience oils, acne and blackheads. To stop all that the magical product can work in your favour.

Is Charcoal Face Mask Safe?

A charcoal face mask is safe to use on your skin. If you are suffering from acne, you can make it twice in 10 days. Charcoal face mask is pretty safe to be used even if you have sensitive skin type. If you have sensitive skin you can use it once in 15 days, while for oily and acne prone skin, once a week gives complete detoxification.

Ensure that you use the product from a reputed brand. The Man Company activated charcoal peel off mask is for men to ensure your complexion glows and stays healthy. Furthermore, it helps get rid of blackheads by uprooting them from base. When you remove the charcoal face mask, often it’s seen that it can dry out the skin because it may also suck up the natural oils, this is why choosing a good quality charcoal peel off mask is important to get all the benefits.

The Man Company charcoal peel off mask contains moringa and gooseberry extracts to remove blackheads, dead skin cells and excessive voice to reveal healthy looking skin but do not dry out the skin. It combats the aging and acne along with the pigmentation. It take 15-20 minutes to get completely dry. For best results use with Charcoal Face Wash and Essencia Daily Moisturiser Cream 

Benefits of Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Excessive Oils

Using charcoal peel off mask regularly keeps a check on the excessive oil synthesis. So, less sebum is produced and stay stays oil-free and matte.

Controlling Acne

By getting rid of the dead skin cells and pollutants off your skin, a charcoal face mask makes acne a thing of the past. So you can enjoy beautiful skin for a long time.


They are also wonderful in removing blackheads from skin surface. In fact, they also prevent the formation and occurrence of new blackheads on your extra oily parts.

Unblocks the pores

Blocked pores, is the major reason, why a lot of people would experience shallow and dull complexion. Dust and pollution with oils become a good breeding ground for the bacteria to flourish. Which is why, they also form acne, pimples and dark spots. When this is the case, don’t worry, charcoal peel off mask also takes care of that. It kind of removes everything that is settled on your skin layer and the pores. So, you not just get cleaned pores but also minimises the problems associated with it.

How to Apply Charcoal Peel Off Mask Properly

charcoal peel off mask men

First of all, squeeze out enough of the charcoal peel off mask on your fingertips. Spread it evenly on the face and some over the neck. Avoid the areas such as near the mouth, eye contours, lips while focussing on the nose, chin and forehead. Your T-Zone secretes more sebum as compared with the rest of the face.

Make sure you are applying the mask in a thick layer, because it would make it much be easier to peel it off. A thin layer can get difficult to get rid of. It would take around 30 minutes for the charcoal face mask to become fully dried. This is why, you must use it, whenever you have that much of free time and you are not in hurry to go out of your home.

When the mask gets completely dried, start to remove it from top to bottom. This is the right way of removing it and the mask gets peeled off easily without any problems.

A charcoal face mask is undoubtedly, a powerful cleansing product with superb ingredient that has the potential that any other ingredient can match. It is highly porous and the large surface area, it absorbs the dirt in impurities at the better rate than any other product. So, those unwanted particles and toxins staying on your skin can be removed.

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