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Summer Skin Care Tips for Indian Men

Hi Guys, when summer comes then the skin problems also come along with it. To avoid skin problems caused by summer season you have to take care of your skin to protect you from the heat of the sun. Your skin needs protection throughout the year but it needs more care during the summer days. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun could damage your skin. So, I like to share you some summer skin care tips for you. Men naturally have a larger pore on their skin so they are easier to get break-outs and chance are higher for getting clogged pores. Comparing to women, men have to spend more time in humid temperature called outside spend more time out.

You definitely have to protect your skin from scratching heat from the sun. These sun rays are too hot and harmful that will cause you many skin problems like reduce natural glow of your skin, produce wrinkles and gives aging signs and lot more effects from it. So keep your skin glow and beautiful and gives a stunning look by following these simple steps and tips.

Shave regularly but not overdone:

Guys you have to be conscious about hair growth on your face as well as your body and have to shave it properly using best shaving creams and racer that suits your skin type and do not overdo the shaving. Shave if only needed.

Before going to cleanse your face massage with olive oil:

Before going to cleanse your face you have to massage your face and body using olive oil or any essential oils. To keep your skin looks soft and supple and it helps to remove dead skin cells and gives good tone to your skin.

Clean your face twice a day using mild face wash:

During summer you have to keep your face and whole body clean and hygiene, for face you have to choose best face wash that will suits your skin type and for body you can use mild soaps and any mild body washes. Bath and wash you’re twice daily using lukewarm water.

Skin Toners:

Application of toners can make the skin oil free and also shrinks the pores on the face. When your skin is oily then the pores get enlarged this is why, the shrinking or closing the pores is important.

Apply moisturizer cream:

After washing your face you have to apply some moisturizer cream this will keeps your skin looks hydrated and soft you can also use any serums that will suits your skin type. Whether you having dry skin you should use moisturizer cream for dry skin type.

Apply sunscreen cream or gel:

Before going to out in high humid temperature you have to protect your skin from UV rays from the sun so you have to use sunscreen cream or gel as per your skin type. You have to wear sunscreen cream after applying moisturizer or serum to your face only. 

Have a healthy eating habit:

You have to eat only healthy food during summer and you should avoid junk foods. You have to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh fruit juices and importantly you should avoid alcohol drinks. Try to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water frequently throughout the day

Exercise regularly:

Keep yourself fit and energetic by exercising regularly does some mind relaxing yoga also to keep your mind and body total relax. Keep this as a regular routine to become fit and healthy.

Don’t use deodorants or body sprays:

Deodorants can irritate your skin during summer and produce some unwanted rashes and darken your underarms easily. You should not use deodorants after shave because it will produce a harmful irritation to your skin.

Apply homemade Face Pack twice a week:

Apply some homemade face packs that suits your skin type and it will help to prevent your skin from many skin problems like acne, wrinkles and anti-aging problems. And help to prevent from sun damage. Packs are also good to keep the skin away from sagging. Sagging of the skin can be due to premature aging. This is why a lot of men should give emphasis on the regular application of the face packs and masks.

By Ratna Balani

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