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10 Best Hiking and Trekking Shoes in India

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Best Hiking and Trekking Shoes in India

People who love hiking and trekking needs the shoes that are appropriate for the occasion and the safe as well. We have compiled this list of the best hiking and trekking boots and shoe available from different brands in India. These shoe are high on performance and gives you that perfect grip while you are on different terrains and weather conditions. 

Best-selling Hiking and Trekking Shoes for Men 

These are the best hiking shoes for men. It includes affordable and high end both options. 

1. Woodland Men’s Hiking Boots

Woodland men’s trekking shoes has the leather material. They are sleek and stylish leather boots are durable and suits well with the rocky terrains and all weather conditions. The leather and textile upper material gives a sophisticated look while its durable and sturdy outer sole gives practicality and rugged look. The lace up closure ensures the secure grip and tight feet inside.

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2. Salomon L37325900 Quest 4D 2GTX Backpacking Shoes (Green/Asphalt/Dark Titanium)

Salomon L37325900 Quest 4D 2GTX Backpacking Shoes

Salomon is one of the best brands for the hiking and trekking shoe sin India and abroad. You can have variety and multiple choices. The brand is expensive but if you truly love to hike then a sturdy and high quality footwear is must. This is the best backpacking boots with 4D advanced chassis, midsole – molded eva, high traction contagrip. It has heel strap lace locker heel foam gusseted tongue ortholite and the Nubuck leather. This updated Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX retains outstanding stability and grip

It also has a protective rubber toe and heel cap, hell foam, and gusseted tongue. Resting on top of non-marking Contagrip outsole, it features an Ortholite footbed, Gore-Tex membrane, 4D advanced chassis, and molded EVA midsole that work together.

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3. Wildcraft Men’s Hugo Trail Running Shoes

The uber stylish shoes are apt for the hiking and trekking to fulfill our dream of adventure sporting. These shoes grip well and give a trendy look. The lace up closure gives tight feet grip. The rubberized sole is also sturdy and gripping on the rocky mountain surface.

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4. Unistar AntiSkid High Ankel Black Jungle Boots

These Jungle Boots are suitable or the adventure sports where you are required a tight grip and water resistant pair of shoes. These are stain proof and water resistant. Their durable sole is pretty effective in giving a controlled grip and ease while you trek. The inside material is also made with a comfortable spongy fabric to keep your feet comfortable all day long.  These are available in 2-3 different shades so, you can pick the one you like.

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5. Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

Lee Cooper is a well known brand that makes men’s boots and trekking shoes. These Trekking and hiking boots are made for long duration trips that needs your shoes to be more robust and resilient in all weather conditions. They not just look good but also gives you that total control and comfort so that you do not get down due to the weather condition and various terrains.

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6. Redchief Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Footwear Shoes

Redchief Men's Leather Trekking and Hiking Footwear Shoes

RedChief makes so many of these trekking shoes and is undoubtedly one of the best and most affordable trekking and hiking shoe brands in Indian market. The lace closure and the upper layer material is water resistant and gives tight grip on the uneven ground. The stable sole is sturdy and high quality. One can wear them for long and short trips both.

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7. Bata Men’s Trekking and Hiking Boots

Bata Men's Trekking and Hiking Boots

Our very own Indian brand Bata also has trekking boots made of leather but they are suggested for the short trips and not for the extreme climatic conditions. These shoes are sturdy and can be bought from the Bata showrooms and online. The upper material is of synthetic leather.

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8. Wildcraft Men’s Trekking and Hiking Boots

Wildcraft Men's Trekking and Hiking Boots

These hiking boots have the griping sole that is durable and is made for the trekking and hiking but definitely not for the heavy and strong climatic conditions. Of you like to go for extreme treks then we would suggest you to go for Salomon or Timberland brand of trekking shoes rather than these. The upper material is mesh and the lace up closure is for sturdy feet inside the shoe.

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9. Redchief Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Footwear Shoes

Another affordable shoes from Red Chief is this one. The genuine leather lace up boot is apt for your regular hiking. It is available in Tan and light tan. Both the colors are good for the hiking but care is also required. These are good and can be your companion for the mountain and rocky terrain.

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10. Adidas Men’s Ax2 Trekking and Hiking Footwear Shoes

These Adidas trekking shoes are available in Multiple colors and looks really pleasing for shirt hiking trips these shoes can be your perfect travel partner. They are light weight and have a breathable mesh synthetic upper material. The sole is sturdy and gripping with ventilation design of the footwear.

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So, these are the best trekking shoes in Indian that can also be sued for hiking and other adventure sports. But please be careful that most of these are for short to medium trips and for heavy or long trekking trips with extreme weather and uneven surfaces you must rely on the brands like Salomon which makes boots for extreme contains and for the Himalaya terrain as well.

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