10 Tips for Perfect Smooth Shave for Men

10 Tips for a perfect smooth shave for men

A right technique to shave makes your task easy and completely safe. A smooth shave is an important task done by men on a regular basis. Today I have some tips for men who wish to get that smooth and perfect shave at home, which also avoids after shave bumps, irritation and cuts. So keep reading friends.

tips to get smooth shave for men 

Know your skin type:

Before starting with any of the shaving tips, the foremost thing to give emphasis on is understanding the skin type. This will help you to buy a shaving cream according to your skin needs. If you have dry skin, go for a foaming shave cream, which contains essential oils like olive oil, jojoba oil or almond or shea butter. It will make your skin soft and clean. For oily skin men, try a gel based shaving cream, which consists marine salt or aqua ingredients that can maintain the pH balance of your skin and control breakouts. Combination skin people can use vitamin-E oil and foam based creams which can moisturize the skin and also makes the shaving process easy.

Comb your beard:

If you have a long and thick beard then comb it properly first, this will avoid the knots at the time of shaving. This will smooth the bear which can ultimately makes the shaving process very easy.

Best Tips for smooth shave

1. Quality shaving gel:

The shaving creams for men are available from a variety of brands, but buy a best for the skin, which has a creamier texture and gives soft foam to shave. A smooth shave can be a result by a foamy shave cream or gel. So avoid cheap brands in this regard.

2. Good razor and blades:

There are many men who do not pay attention to the quality of razor which leads to razor bumps and cuts. Try out the quality razors like Gillette and Philips range, which are travel friendly and affordable. Also change your blades after every shave, this may help you keep acne and skin infections at bay.

3. Wash the blades:

If you need to use the blade for several times then wash it with hot water before every use. This removes accumulated shave cream and hard hairs very easily. It can also kill the bacteria if occurred any.

4. Wet your beard:

You should wet your beard properly with water and then towel dry it. This will moisten your beard upto, 30%, which further helps in avoiding the razor rashes and bumps. It also hydrates the skin for a few minutes just before the shave. This tip will minimize the efforts of shaving if you have oily or sensitive skin

5. Technique to shave:

tips to get smooth shave for men 2

Shaving is the method which needs little expertise and personal skill. Ideally, shave in the direction of your beard growth. Start with the sides and then cover the inner chin area and mustaches. Lastly shave the chin area by keeping your head in an upward posture.

6. Cleanse the face:

After shave, exfoliation makes the skin clean and it also removes the dead skin cells. It will also remove left shave and its smell. You should first wash the face with lukewarm water and then use a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type

7. Moisturize your face:

After shaving, apply a nice moisturizer to the facial skin and massage it for 2 minutes. It will make the skin soft and smooth.

Some Extra tips for smooth shave and irritation free skin for men  

You should always shave or move the razor from bottom towards up or to be simple in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This will give a perfect smooth shave.

Use shaving gels and creams with aloe vera since this natural ingredient will help to cure the irritation that happens post shaving. Moreover, aloe vera will also minimize the chances of razor bumps.

Use sharp blades to avoid razor bumps. Imagine if the blade has gotten blunt, this will not cut the hair in one go which will also pull the hair slightly in the process and results in little tiny bumps and irritations.

After the shaving use after shave lotion for men and a good skin moisturizer cream as per the skin type. Using a skin toner for men is also good since that will nourish the open pores and minimizes the pores or tighten them.

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