Top 10 Best Ashwagandha Powders in India (2021)

Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurveda since thousands of years. It is an adaptogen that helps the body to resist the psychological stress. This is why, it is one of the most highly regarded and commonly used adaptogen in ayurvedic preparations. The Ayurvedic herb is also known as Indian ginseng or scientifically as Withenia Somnifera. It contains high level of antioxidants that help the free radical to fight the signs of aging on your skin other than the body cell aging. It is useful for treating keratosis and hair issues like hair fall and dandruff. In fact, ashwagandha Powder is also applied to prevent the premature greying and stimulates the hair follicle to fight the hair loss in an effective way.

Best Ashwagandha Powders in India (2021)

1. Sri Nature Ayur ashwagandha Powder 

Sri Nature Ayur Ashwagandha Powder

This Ashvgandha powder comes in a pouch packaging and the recommended dose is 5 grams once or twice in a day or as recommended by the physician. It is 100% organic and free of pesticides and Chemicals. Process in the gluten free environment does not have any type of fillers in it. It is highly regarded to as a how to fight the stress and anxiety.

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2. Jain ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Powder

Jain Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Powder

Packaged in a plastic container, this ashwagandha powder is loaded with powerful antioxidant properties. As it support healthy immune system, it also works as a powerful aphrodisiac. It gives the immunity and boost the working of nervous system and controls minor hypertension. It is a renowned Ayurvedic Herb that acts both as a sedative and energy booster. The natural form of powder in this herb is known for its remarkable stress relieving properties.

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3. Baidyanath ashwagandha Churna 

Baidyanath Ashwagandha Churna

This pouch is 100% pure and natural. It is used to support and revitalize your body functions along with boosting the antioxidant level. Taking ashwagandha powder daily also strengthens the immunity and nervous system functioning. It can be taken around one teaspoonful daily along with warm water or hot milk.

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4. Luxura Sciences Natural ashwagandha Powder

Luxura Sciences Natural Ashwagandha Powder

The double filtered and quality guaranteed ashvgandha powder ensures 100% purity. The herb is used to treat psychological stress. It is highly regarded as the commonly used adaptogens in ayurvedic conscience. Other than that, this powder is also used to treat dandruff and skin issues when applied topically.

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5. Healthvit Natural ashwagandha Powder

Healthvit Natural Ashwagandha Powder

Healthvit natural ashwagandha powder is 100% natural and vegan product. The GMP compliant product does not have any fillers or harmful additives. It is easy to take by men and women who would like to relieve the stress and anxiety. Strengthening the nervous system, it has soothing and calming effect and helps you sleep better. To keep you energize and come at the same time. It revitalizes the body liver functions.
Problems. It also helps in strengthening the immune system and helps to give you stress free life. It can be taken as 5 grams everyday along with the warm water or Milk.

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6. Dabur ashwagandha Churna

Dabur Ashwagandha Churna

Dabar ashvgandha powder comes in an easy to carry it can be taken With warm water or milk as suggested by the physician. It helps in increasing the health and stamina. Both men and women can use this while the product helps with vitality and support stress free living it also has been traditionally known to support memory functions. It is a certified organic and vegan product..

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7. Patanjali ashwagandha Churna

Patanjali Ashwagandha Churna

Patanjali Divya ashwagandha Churna is available in different quantities. It’s a good product for a Holistic living free of additives, gluten and fillers. It boosts your supply of antioxidants and regulate the immune system. The product also reduces the inflammation of joint pain. Take one teaspoonful of this and mix with warm water or hot milk twice in a day, or as directed by the physician. You can also prepare ashvgandha tea by boiling the water and boiling the powder in for 10 minutes.

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8. Merlion Naturals Organic ashwagandha Root Powder

Merlion Naturals Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

Also known as Indian Ginseng, this offers you wide range of health benefits. While it aids in supporting and revitalizing the functions of the body, it regulate the immune system. It stimulates the secretion of thyroid hormones and leaves the chronic stress, anxiety and depression. It also strengthens the heart muscles and controls cholesterol.

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9. Dark Forest ashwagandha Powder

Dark Forest Ashwagandha Powder

Dark Forest ashwagandha powder is yet another pure and natural product that you can consume  without worrying about its quality. It is used as an adaptation to help your body cope up with the daily shayari and stress. Powder is extracted from raw Herbs that is especially handpicked for superior quality the Powder is carefully packed in a paper bag that insurance the freshness for a long time. You must keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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