15 Best Vitamin B6 Rich Foods and Fruits in India To include in Your Diet

top vitamin b6 rich foods in india

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is one of the Vitamin B complex vitamins. We will talk the best vitamin B6 rich Indian foods. The essential vitamin helps to maintain the red blood cells, nervous system and your immune system. It is seen that long term deficiency of Vitamin B6, can also lead to skin inflammation, confusion, depression and even anemia. Diet low in Vitamin B6 increases the risk of heart diseases even. If you aren’t taking enough of this through the diet then you can consider the intake of this vitamin via supplements. In this article, we are going to talk about the various food items which can provide you with enough of the pyridoxine.

Vitamin B6 in its coenzyme form ensures a wide range of functions in your body and is a versatile vitamin to have. It is also involved in gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis.

Best vegetarian foods rich in vitamin B6 in India

1. Chickpeas

Boiled chickpeas give you 1.1 mg of Vitamin B6 per one cup. Chickpeas are also rich in calcium and proteins, therefore these can be taken in your breakfast by adding some chopped onions and green chillies. Sprinkle some salt to add taste.

2. Avocados

200 grams of avocado can provide you with 0.5 milligrams of Vitamin B6. This is 30% of the dietary value. Rich in iron, calcium and magnesium, this fruit is not just delicious this thing, but also gives you the much needed amount of paradoxine vitamin.

3. Pistachios

Handful of the pistachio can provide you with 0.5 g of Vitamin B6. Roasted pistachio nuts are even better. They are also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and plant proteins. The nuts can be taken everyday but do not consume them in more than the recommended amount and handful of pistachios per day is sufficient.

4. Green Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are used a lot, across Indian subcontinent and is an integral part of various dishes. One cup of chopped green bell peppers provide you with 0.3 milligrams of Vitamin B6.

5. Spinach

Boiled or cooked spinach offers 0.4 mg of this vitamin in just one cup of 150 ml. It is also high in proteins, Folic acid along with minerals like manganese, sodium and potassium. This is a super food which is perfect for kids for breakfast. Spinach is also beneficial for pregnant ladies.

6. Green Peas

Green peas provides you with 0.3 mg of Vitamin B6 in just one cup of 150 grams.  It can be added to your salads and even to your biriyani, other rice dishes or to make various vegetables. In India green peas are used a lot.

7. Milk 

One cup of milk gives you 5% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B6. You also get proteins and Calcium from milk. You can make sure that kids drink milk daily.

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes also known as shakarkandi, in Northern India. 100 grams of mashed and boiled sweet potatoes gives you 0.6 mg of Vitamin B6. You can eat it for your lunch or breakfast.

9. Bananas

Rich in Potassium and Calcium, bananas are one of the best sources of Vitamin B6. It can give you 0.6 mg in one cup of 150 grams. 

10. Potatoes

Potatoes might be rich in carbs, yet they are a good source of vitamin B6. They give you 0.5 mg per 175 grams of potato. You can have them roasted or boiled or cooked in any manner. It is one food ingredient that is added in almost every Indian delicacies for breakfast and your lunch and dinner. 

11. Red Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper gives you 0.2 mg in just one pepper. This is a very good amount. In India, use of red chili pepper is extensive to make the food delicious and aromatic. 

12. Cauliflower 

Cauliflower is a very commonly used food item in India. There are various recipes and dishes that require cauliflower. 1 cup chopped cauliflower gives you 0.2 mg of Vitamin B6.

13. Beans

Beans like kidney beans, soya bean, Lima Beans are good sources of dietary Vitamin B6. Soybean can give you 4 milligrams per cup of boiled soybeans.

14. Lentils

Lentils like dal or pulses are common in India. 1 cup boiled Dal contains 0.35 mg of Vitamin B6. You can take 1 small bowl of cooked lentil everyday to get the vegetarian protein and other vitamins.

15. Brown Rice

Brown rice is also a good source of getting the dietary requirements of Pyridoxine. Having one cup of cooked brown rice offers you 0.3 milligrams of this vitamin.

After knowing the amounts of vitamin B6 in these foods items, you can fulfill your daily requirement easily.

Let’s check the recommended Dietary allowance of this vitamin.

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Vitamin B6
Birth to 6 months0.1 mg*0.1 mg*
7–12 months0.3 mg*0.3 mg*
1–3 years0.5 mg0.5 mg
4–8 years0.6 mg0.6 mg
9–13 years1.0 mg1.0 mg
14–18 years1.3 mg1.2 mg1.9 mg2.0 mg
19–50 years1.3 mg1.3 mg1.9 mg2.0 mg


Source: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminB6-HealthProfessional/

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