Top 9 Best Woodland Shoes For Men in India (2020)

Woodland Men's Leather Sneakers

Woodland is an immensely popular brand in India. The brand is a well known name in the outdoor shoe industry. It was founded in Canada and it into the Indian market in 1992. Woodland shoes are known for their rugged and sturdy design. Most of the issues are heavy duty shoes that are perfect for heavy climatic for extreme climatic conditions. The brand is enough to say about its extreme popularity.  Here, we have compiled the best Woodland men’s shoes available in Indian market. 

Best Men’s Woodland Shoes in India

Here is the list of top 9 best Woodland shoes in India for men.

1. Woodland Men’s Leather Sneakers

Woodland Men's Leather Sneakers

These leather sneakers are from Woodland and looks extremely impressive. The upper material is of leather and it has got the casual lace up style. These shoes are perfect for hiking and trekking as well. The shoes are available in two different colors that is khaki and camel. Both of the colors are amazing and you would love the color combinations. 

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2. Woodland Men’s Sneakers Shoes

Woodland Men's Sneakers Shoes


The striking looking sneakers and absolutely must have shoes for sneaker lovers. The sleek and streamlined design of the sole is worth trying. It’s design is quite attractive and pleasant. The material is leather and has a casual lace up styling. These shoes are perfect to go with your jeans and other casual and semi-casual attire. These shoes are available in three different colors that is camel, Khaki and Navy blue. The navy blue shade has got more presence to it.

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3. Woodland Men’s Leather Shoes

Woodland Men's Leather Sneakers b


The leather Woodland shoes have sneaker like design the heavy sole suitable for extreme weather conditions like snow and for mountains. These are perfect pair of shoes for your trekking experiences. It has got thermoplastics so, that helps you attend a good grip. While the lace-up helps to keep the feet tight. The show is available in three different colors like olive green, car key and camel.

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4. Woodland Men’s Simple Sneakers

Woodland Men's Simple Sneakers

If you like simplistic designs, then these Woodland shoes are best for you. They have got a very minimalistic and yet pleasing design. These are available in two different colors. The material used is pure leather and they have casual and semi casual style interior the lace-up closure helps to keep the feet tight and with grip. The shoe is also good for urban trekking. The range has its power packed rubber outsole. It looks very modern stylish yet has a tough finish and material. 

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5. Woodland Men’s Leather Boots 

Woodland Men's Leather Boat Shoes

These leather boots from Woodland have a simple sleek design like the previous one. They are available in three different colors like Khaki, Camel and Olive. These shoes have got a new black leather upper material and rubber sole that gives you flexibility and sturdy feet while you are on the ground. These shoes not only give you a smart look but also give you protection and group. These shoes allow you to move comfortably and are perfect for casual and semi casual attire.

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6. Woodland Men’s Softy Leather Boots

Woodland Men's Softy Leather Boots

If you are preference is of ankle top leather boots then these are perfect choice for you. The high ankle top makes them look extremely stylish. These are available in two colors that is dark brown and black. The material is softy leather and they have lace-up closure. These are suitable for outdoor activities and also suitable for extreme weather conditions and uneven terrains. The shoes give you comfortable fit and protection. The shoes also keep you dry and warm for the trailer slopes.

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7. Woodland Men’s Grey Sneakers

Woodland Men's Grey Sneakers

The simple and stylish sneakers from Woodland are available in 3 colors Grey, Khaki and olive green. Olive green color looks stylish and the design is extremely masculine and attractive eye catching. The shoes are pure leather shoes with lace up closure. It is designed for men who like to live in the wild and explore the untouched grounds. With These shoes, you get athletic outsoles that will keep you well grounded and sturdy on the uneven terrain free. They got premium leather upper. The cushion and collar along with the breathable fabric is along with leather footbed that gives you comfort.

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8. Woodland Men’s Leather Trecking and Hiking Boots

Woodland Men's Leather Trecking and Hiking Boots

These Woodland shoes are specially made for trekking and hiking.  They are made from pure leather material and designed for the hard weather conditions. If you love hiking and trekking then these are a must have shoes for you.

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9. Woodland Men’s Leather Boat Shoes

Woodland Men's Leather Boat Shoes

The leather boat shoes come with a square front tip. They have medium heel height and are made from leather material. They are semi-casual and semi-formal shoes. This will also look good with the formal attire like for your office. They have a slip on closure type and look very stylish. These are perfect to go for a get together with your friends where you would like to look impressive and stylish. 

These are the best Woodland shoes for men in India.  Do you like Woodland as a brand? Which is the Woodland shoes that you like the most? If you are planning to buy Woodland shoes then please be aware that you buy these from a trusted seller as there can be some fake or replicas from this brand.

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