How Teenagers Can Grow Beard Faster

During your teenage years, beard and facial hair can entice you. Teenage is a phase where a boy experiences a lot of changes in his personality, all because of the sprawling hormones. Physical changes are common and appearance of facial hair as well. Teenagers are keen to have that beard and moustache. But they may experience less growth and patchy facial hair growth. This post will help you in seeking the best tips for teenagers to grow the beard quickly. But is it even possible to grow a beard when you are still a teenager? Yes, it is possible if you do certain tips and follow some advices.

I am sure you have heard this earlier that natural growth of your facial hair depends on your genes. Yes, it is a hereditary feature which you cannot change. It totally depends on the testosterone secretion which makes the beard emerge naturally while you are still a teen. So even though you will not be able to see a full grown beard like you would in your post 20s, yet you would be able to grow good beard and moustache.

Effective Teenagers Can Grow Beard Faster

Let’s check some tips to grow beard and moustache faster while you are a teenager.

1. Clean your face regularly

You may not believe it but facial cleansing is the first thing that you should do, if you would like to grow thick beard other than the hygiene purpose. For even the basic skincare routine facial cleansing tops the list. Use normal or lukewarm water to wash your face twice in a day. Gentle soap or face washes are the best to ensure you thoroughly cleanse the skin. If you have extremely oily skin, during the day, use normal water without the face wash until you require it absolutely. Check out these best face washes for oily skin, that you can try during summers.

2. Exfoliation

Do you know, dead skin cells can hinder the natural growth of the facial hair. Yes, so if you are a teenager who wants to grow facial hair quickly, then you must exfoliate or scrub your face at least two times in a week. This will help you get rid of the dead skin layer and to make way for the facial hair follicles to sprout hair strands. Just a simple rule for dry skin, twice in a week and for oily and acne prone skin, thrice a week of exfoliation process is wonderful.

If you have oily skin then scrubbing becomes even important since, it will prevent the skin issues like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and bumps.

Scrubs that you would be using should be natural and are not filled with chemicals. Check out our post that talks about the best facial scrubs for men.

3. Vitamins and Minerals

If you are a teenager or an adult, your body still need a lot of vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. However, these essential vitamins and minerals are required to produce the hormones like DHT and testosterone that would make way for quick beard growth in your teenage years. So, ensure that you are taking a high vitamin and mineral rich diet. The best thing to attend both of these is by taking fruits in your diet. Yes, fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals that will give you all sorts of benefits for your skin, hair and beard, moustache, of course. The best fruits to have are oranges, kiwis, apples, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, fig etc. Include at least 2 fruits daily.

4. Proteins

Boys are aware about the benefits of protein and the body that it holds. Protein rich diet cannot give you good muscles benefits for you and your body. You can consume meat and other non-vegetarian food items. For vegetarians, green leafy vegetables, pulses and nuts are a good source of proteins.  Dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts are the best to have for body and facial hair growth. Every day you need around 0.8 grams of proteins per kg of weight. Therefore, make sure that you have loads of proteins.

5. Exercise

Exercises are not just to keep the stress and excess fats from your body, but they also has a positive and direct effect on your hormones. All in all exercising regularly makes your facial hair growth faster while you are a teenager. Exercise thrice in a week to ensure that your body stays fit and the factors that hinder the growth of your beard here are also eliminated.

6. Eucalyptus

This is a type of home remedy I should say. Eucalyptus application can help your skin stay not just moisturized but also stimulates facial hair growth gets faster. You can use eucalyptus cream, face pack or even eucalyptus loaded moisturiser.

Supplements for Beard Growth

There are some supplements that ensure that your beard grows faster.

1. Creatine

Creatine is a supplement that is useful in the production of testosterone hormone in your body. Taking the supplement in the capsule form or the powder form can help you in increasing the production of testosterone that later gives rise to fast beard growth for teenager. Experts state taht “you must have 3-5 mg of creatine per day to ensure the stores stay elevated”.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is not a supplement to ingest but a carrier oil that you can apply on your face twice a day to keep the skin moisturized. This will also ensure faster growth of the beard hair.

How to use:

You must use few drops to extra virgin olive oil on the cheeks and upper lip area every night. Massage for few minutes to boost the circulation and growth.

3. Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Biotin or Vitamin B7, is not just beneficial for your scalp’s hair growth but also has a direct relation with your facial hair growth like your beard and moustache hair. Taking biotin rich supplement can definitely help you in achieving thick and good beard. Here are some of the biotin supplements available in India that you can have a look at. Biotin is a vitamin that is pretty safe to take. 2-5 mg of biotin is required per day or one tablet or capsule per day would be sufficient. Naturally biotin is found in foods like Banana, milk, eggs and many others.

Other than that you can also go for the beard growth oils that are available in the market. Apply the beard oil every night for few minutes with gentle massaging. Beard growth oils are loaded with essential oils, known to stimulate hair growth.

Lastly, be patient, as a teenager you must not force or stress yourself and getting a full grown beard. We have seen that out of peer pressure people get stressed about your facial hair growth. But please keep in mind that if any of your friends have a thick beard at your age that does not mean that you should also have the same thing. Because everyone has got different bodies with different hormonal balances and production rate. Therefore do not get into that type of competition however make sure that you are doing all the remedies properly and then have the patience.

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