How to Grow Beard Faster and Thicker at Home (Proven Remedies and Tips)

how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally

Growing a full beard can be a dream for you and there are few individuals would struggle to grow thick beard faster. In this article will talk about how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally. Or if you would like to know, how to grow your facial hair faster within few months. So, here are some of the beard growth tips that will help you for sure.

Facial hair growth is in trend currently, in fact, it had never gone out of trend. A lot of celebrities are also spotting the style. It may not be really easy to grow your facial hair or beard to the type of thickness that you have always best for. While, it may not be a direct factor that measure your muscularity, but it still has a part to play. Remember, a lot of women like men with beard. If you are having trouble to grow a beard or if the beard is not as full and thick as you would like then these simple tips would definitely work in your favor. So, let’s start and check how to grow a thick beard naturally and using some other methods.

How long it takes to grow beard?

When it comes to growing your beard, the common misconception is that you are facial hair growth is same as the scalp hair growth. But this may not be completely true. When you hit puberty, the hormones and other factors trigger your facial hair growth. This is why some men may not be able to have a full beard all their lives. Sad but true! There are hormones that are responsible like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone which is also known as DHT. This hormone affects the density and thickness of the hair strands. And this is the main reason why a lot of teenagers struggle to have full and sprawling beard hair. Levels of any of these two hormones can interfere in the proper stimulation of your beard growth. So, if you are in your twenties or even in your teenage and your hormone levels are low or if you are struggling to grow beard faster then, surely these recipes and tips can contribute towards your knowledge.

How to grow beard for teenager

We come across a lot of queries, where teenagers are asking, how they can grow thick and full beard within few months. And this is actually true, that teenagers struggle more than any other men’s age group, when it comes to beard growth. You may not get immediate results, while growing the beard faster, but the beard growth rate is different for every individual.

Everyone would reach the puberty at different times and some of you may be late bloomers while some can have full thick growth even in their 20s. You may have beard growth only on the chin area and some over your cheeks. Some of you can have a very popular French cut type of beard growth style with your moustache area making an oval shaped while the cheeks are sparsely populated with facial hair.

It’s quite normal for a teenager to think about growing the beard hair faster but these are the tips that you have to keep in mind.

How to grow beard hair faster naturally

1. Foods for Beard Growth (Vitamins and Minerals)

Taking enough of the minerals and vitamins, contributes towards healthy growth of your beard. It is also recommended by the physician that taking 2 mg of biotin everyday helps to make your beard grow faster. You can take supplements for your beard or incorporate the healthy food items which are rich in vitamins.  Some of the best food items that are known to promote healthy growth of beard thicker.

You just have to focus more on eating organic and staying healthy. Protein rich food items like eggs, fish, meat, beans, pulses, almonds and many other are known to improve the growth of your facial hair. They also keep the hair glossy and thick. You can also include yoghurt and milk in your diet. Fruits like papaya, lemons, TV, pomegranate, avocados are also good sources of vitamins and minerals that can be added to your food to help grow your beard faster naturally.

2. Beard Massage

Massaging the beard also contributes in getting a good growth of your facial hair. Massaging gently over the cheeks, chin and upper lip area helps to increase the micro blood circulation and this aids in accelerated growth of beard hair. In fact it also makes your skin glowing. To massage you should never do it without any lubricant.

You can take some beard oil or any mild essential oil like jojoba oil, Rosemary oil, almond oil, make sure it is extra virgin and even olive oil would do, if that is extra virgin to. Massaging the beard with these oil helps to keep the hair problem free. In fact you can also make your beard here more manageable in case the hair are dry and course.

3. Oil Therapy

Oil therapy means using some beneficial beard growth oil on your beard hair. For this, you can use the  store bought beard oil. We have compiles a list of the best beard growth oils in India, which you can check and choose. Other than using these, you could also observe and improvement in the texture, quality and growth of the facial hair.

If not the store bought oil, you can also use the essential oils to increase the growth of beard. Essential oil like Rosemary, Amla, Jojoba, Eucalyptus and many other are known to promote the growth of hair. Take few drops of any of these oil and massage on the beard hair. Massaging at the night time, before going to sleep works the best. 

4. Amla Oil

Amla oil for beard, helps to make your facial hair grow faster and in fact a lot thicker. Amla or Indian Gooseberry, is a natural source of vitamin C and that is even 10 times more than the lemon and other citrus fruits. Using Amla oil as massage oil for your beard can definitely give good result. Take few drops of Amla oil and massage your beard. Doing this 2 times in a day, will definitely help improve the growth and the density.

5. Exfoliate Beard

Regular of exfoliation helps to get rid of the dead skin built up, grime, oils and residue in your beard. This is a very crucial step that people who are willing to grow beard should follow. It also improves the micro circulation of the blood. This indirectly stimulates the growth of your beard.  Exfoliation can be done using any good face scrub available in the market.

6. Taking Care

Taking care of your beard is another factor that you should always consider, if you would like to increase the growth and the density of hair. With taking care we mean washing, moisturizing and following hygiene routine. The skin underneath the beard hair can often become loaded with dead skin cells and debris.

You must not pick your beard in order to get rid of the dead skin built up. Rather use a good facial Scrub. Even using beard comb can also help you remove the dead skin and managing the facial hair a lot easier. Cleaning up the beard is also important. If you want a full beard, you must take care of keeping it clean. Use a good beard wash, moisturizer or conditioner regularly. They are extremely affordable and good beard wash is available in the market that you can use.

Apply the moisturizing product like beardo oil for beard conditioning or even a gel or cream would do. These products actually help to avoid the irritation and the dryness that leads to bearduff.

Other tips for Beard Growth

7. Stress

Do you know stress is not helpful for your physical appearance and even for your body. Yes, if you are stressed about your day today life or even for the concern like why my beard is not growing faster or why I am not able to get thicker beard? You must do everything like the tips and tricks that we are shared, and after that stay stress free regarding the growth of your beard. Facial hair takes time to grow and taking good care, with suitable diet and other factors in place, you can surely deal with the stress related to your beard.

Other than that as well, we will recommend that you should not have extremely stressful life. Yes, at times due to certain conditions and situations we can get stressed but do not take it too long.

8. Exercise

Exercising is something that has a very positive effect for your mental and physical health. And so does it for the growth of beard hair. Exercise releases the hormones which has a positive effect and keeps you stress free, apart from improving the overall well-being. In fact, a lot of different issues ongoing in your body can be dealt with regular exercises. Make sure that you exercise at least three times in a week and duration can be from 15 to 30 minutes for each session.

9. Water

Intake of sufficient water helps to combat a lot of different issues in your body. It makes your skin glow and in fact for your beard as well it works like a charm. It may not sound like some miraculous thing but yes less water consumption will make your beard to grow slower than usual. If you would like to grow your beard faster than drinking enough of water every day is crucial.

So following these tips, you can definitely increase the growth of your beard faster naturally.

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