10 Latest Black Kurta Designs for Men (2022)

latest black kurta for men

In this post, we are going to share this images compilation on the black kurta for men. If you are bored of wearing t-shirt everyday then kurtas are good. Not just that kurta can also be worn for ethnic Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid and other similar ceremonies. Whatever is your reason to wear a kurta you would definitely look stunning and handsome and that. So, let’s check out the best and unique designs of black kurtas in this post.

Latest Different Types of Black Kurta Designs for Men (2022)

1. Black Punjabi Kurta

black kurta men 1

This is a Punjabi kurta for men with full sleeves and a button placket. The cotton kurta has got a pocket on the left side and it is a very casual looking kurta that is not over the top. It can be tamed up with a black or white pajami or even the jeans, like as the model is wearing in the picture.

2. Black Silk Pathani Kurta

black kurta men 2

This next one is a Silk Punjabi or Pathani kurta for men. If you will notice the sleeves are 3/4th and they have got a button tab. So, you can wear it in two ways. Either you can fold the sleeves or wear it with the full sleeves. The kurta comes with a collar and a centre button placket. On one of the sides, there is a pocket. The slits have rounded edges which gives it a very festive feel. It is filled with the silk material and adds shine to this otherwise dark color.

3. Silk Black Kurta with Dhoti

black kurta men 3

This design is also a silk black kurta for men with long sleeves. It is a simple design that doesn’t have too much or over the top detailing but it is extremely beautiful and elegant piece of kurta for men. The black kurta is in silk fabric with a button placket with a mandarin collar. As shown in the picture, it has been teamed up with red silk dhoti. You can also look for a similar kurta in dupion silk or other silk fabrics. It can be paired with jeans, white pajama, black pajama etc.

4. Festive Black Kurta for Men

black kurta men 4

This black silk kurta is turning the long kurta is paired up with black pajami the glossy Sheen finish of the fabric makes it elegant. It comes with the Mandarin collar and button placket without any pockets. The full sleeves make it good for festivals and similar occasions.

5. Black Kurta with Buttons

black kurta men 5

This next design is a very unique looking kurta for men. It doesn’t have a straight cut hemline but it has a diagonal hemline with one of the side being longer than the other. It doesn’t have a button placket but it has side buttons. The potli buttons on the side have gatherings and make this beautiful and very unique. You can also wear this kurta with jeans or the regular pajama.

6. Embroidered Black Kurta

black kurta men 6

If you want something extra from the regular black kurta then go for designs like this. The embroidered neckline extends below the chest and the same embroidery in contrasting color can be seen on the cuffs. The fabric used is not a plain black but has a texture on it. The embroidery of black thread all over the kurta fabric makes it more unique and gives it more dimensions.

7. Casual Black Kurta for Men

black kurta men 7

The very smart kurta looks more like a kurta that boys can wear for college with jeans. The inner material of contrasting color has been used for the collar and cuffs. You can either wear it with full sleeves like a shirt or with the rolled up sleeves. This is one of the best black kurta for men that is casual and can be worn for college and hangouts.

8. Punjabi Black Kurta with Jacket

black kurta men 8

If you like jackets with your kurta then this design is for you. The Punjabi kurta with rounded sleep has full sleeves. It is paired with a bronze colored silk jacket that makes it look perfect for the next festival that you are going to attend at a friend’s place. When you are wearing a kurta with jacket, like this you must pair it with either the Kolhapuri Chappals or the jutties are popular with this type of clothing.

9. Grey and Black Kurta Design

black kurta men 9

The same kurta has been paired with a grey textured jacket. Grey and black is a superb combination and its suits men of all age groups. Men with dark skin color can also full of Grey as a color. So, the next time, you are about to buy a kurta for yourself then, do think about the grey and black combination.

10. Black Textured Kurta

black kurta men 10

If you want elegant and subtle designs then try a textured black kurta. The kurta has texture and has embroidery with the same thread as the fabric is. It is simple yet help that certain feel to it. Men who do not like over the top things can definitely where the scooter.

So these were the images of black kurtas for men. Which is the one that you like?

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