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Top 11 Best Popular Wallet Brands for Men in India

best wallets for men in india

Best Popular Wallet Brands for Men in India

Men’s Wallet is an essential piece of accessory that every man needs. Not just for carrying money but a good wallet is also needed to keep your coins, credit card, debit card, id proofs and some other stuff. In this post, I will be listing the best wallet brands available for men in India. These wallet brands are available in stores and online. You can get some discount for yourself if you plan to buy these online. These wallet brands are available on most of the online shopping portals that can also give you good discounts.

While buying a good wallet for yourself, there are certain features and requirements that you have to notice. Like the material, number of compartments, zipper and the size of the wallet. Since every man has different requirements, the choice of wall it can also vary from person to person.

Best Men’s Wallet Brands in India

So let’s have a look at the list of top wallet brands for men in India. I am also putting the links, so that you can buy these from Amazon, if you like. 🙂 

1. Puma Wallets

puma wallets for men in india

The sports giant makes sportswear and related accessories for men. You just cannot go wrong with a Puma wallet. Puma wallets are available in various styles, colors and designs. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the style and the size that you would like to have. The durable material of these wallets can make them last longer until and unless you wish to go ahead and change them. It is the best men’s wallet brand in India.

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2. Woodland Wallets

woodland wallets for men

 You don’t need any introduction to Woodland wallets. The brand is well known for their other stuff  like shoes, belts etc. Their wallets are one of the most selling products. The genuine leather material that they use makes their wallets apart. It can be a style statement, if you carry a Woodland wallet. It not just makes you look classy but it also makes you feel that you are using a wallet from a good brand. They offer multiple designs like tri-folds and bi-folds, so that you can choose the one that you like. The wide range of sizes, prices, colors and the leather material is amazing to look at. Yeah sure there is a Woodland wallet for you. Due to the genuine leather material woodland wallets last longer than the PU material purses.

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3. Titan Wallets

titan wallets for men

Yes, Titan is a watch brand in India that is immensely popular but they do have a wallet category from the same brand. Just like Titan watches, their accessories are also best sellers in India. The best thing is that they are pocket friendly and can be as expensive as you need. The stylish designs look something that will entice you. Most of the designs are kept minimal and simplistic. They are the most popular and durable wallet brands for men in India. The formal design that they have is quite attractive and looks classy.

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4. L​​​​e​​​​​vi’s Wallets

levi's wallets for men

Just like the Levis jeans, Levis wallets are also one of the best selling wallets in Indian market. They have both simplistic and trendy designs in their range of wallets. Levis wallets last really long and comes in different colors paired with alluring designs like slim wallets. It is one of the most known and popular brands in the world. The prices of these designer wallets is not very high, it is in the reach of most of the people.

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5. Peter England Wallets

peter england wallets for men

 Peter England is a brand that is known for their formal clothes for men. You can never go wrong with the Peter England wallet. The classy multi colored brand logo looks very enticing. If you are not aware, Peter England is an Indian brand under the Aditya Birla Group. They offer wide range of designs and colors to suit your choice. The brand has soared to the popularity, since the last 2-3 decades and manage to become one of the best clothing brands in India. The same applies for their accessories like wallets, belts and shoes for men. You can definitely complete your look by using a wallet from this brand. Not only it’ll make you look sophisticated but classy. When you carry a wallet with a good brand then it adds a lot to your personality.

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6. Tommy Hilfiger Wallets

tommy hilfiger wallets for men

You must have had that craze of trying Tommy Hilfiger products at a point in your life. Tommy Hilfiger is an international brand that hails from US. It offers clothing, footwear, furnishing, perfumes and what not. The apparel brand is a best seller in United States. They got their own retail stores all across the world. Though, you can also get these from our popular online shopping sites like Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart etc. Wallets that this brand makes have beautiful designs and stylish upper cover. You should own a Tommy Hilfiger wallet at least once.

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7. Fossil Wallets

fossil wallets for men

Fossil is not just for handbags and watches but the brand also manufactures men’s wallets. Their wallets sell like hotcakes. The only downside is that the brand is expensive. Most of the men will not splurge that much of amount on a wallet. But if you can then, you can make Fossil wallets as a statement piece of accessory for yourself. We absolutely love the colors and the genuine leather that they use.

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8. Louis Philippe Wallets

Louis Philippe wallets for men

Now if you’re wondering it is an international brand then let us tell you, that it is that is under the Aditya Birla Group as well. Yes it is! They offer quality formal clothing for men and similarly their wallets are also something that you would love to possess. That attractive logo looks extremely good and classy. They have formal and casual styles of wallet can pick the one that you feel the best for you. The premium brand uses a top quality material extra durability. The top notch quality speaks about its class from every corner of this wallet.

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9. Fastrack

fastrack wallets for men

You may have liked the Fastrack sunglasses, watches, backpacks, bags and travel suitcases for men. The wallets are of good quality offers a wide range of selection. If you buy these products online then, you can expect to get some good discounts or try any Fastrack Store. The brand is extremely popular for men’s wallets.

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10. Wildhorn Wallets

wallets for men in india

This brand may not be as popular as the other brands but indeed the products are very durable. The material that they use is long lasting. This Indian wallet brand for men has attractive designs. You can surely get one for yourself that suits your requirement budget and preference. The multiple compartments can be used to keep your currency Credit Debit cards and ID proof. The prices are also very affordable.

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11. Hornbull Wallets

hornbull wallets for men

This brand is quite well known though not as good as Woodland, Puma, Levi’s but yes the brand is pretty popular in India. HornBull wallet are very affordable in prices for Indian men. Material, design and the range that they offer is something to look at. If you looking for affordable wallets for men then to try this. The brand is available online easily just check out the design that you like and place your order.

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So these are the best wallet brands for men in India? Have you used any of these? Which is the best brand of wallets that you would love to flaunt? Have you used Levis wallets? Or American Tourister wallets are your favourite? You May also go through these articles:

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