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10 Best Sandalwood Soaps in India

best sandalwood soaps in india

Soap is amongst the daily use product that is used on daily basis. Some of us would use that for bathing and some of us would also use it as a facial skin cleanser. Sandalwood is a naturally occurring product that has so many benefits for skin care and health. This herbal ingredient has been used in so many of ...

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11 Best Handmade Soaps in India

best handmade soaps in india

Soap is a daily use product and there are so many choices available in the market. Soaps are made from a chemical reaction between caustic soda, water, fats or oil. Factor made soaps can be drying for the skin and are not as luxurious to use. But handmade soaps are extremely luxurious and gives you high moisturization without the chemicals. ...

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10 Best Glycerin Soaps in India

best glycerin soaps in india

Glycerin soaps contain glycerin which is known as an excellent humectant or moisture retainer. This product is highly used in skin care products like face washes, face creams, lotions and even baby care products. Glycerin has commendable moisturizing properties which help in retaining the moisture and suppleness of the skin. This is why, this product is so important in the ...

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10 Best Exfoliating Soap Bar in India

Best Exfoliating Soap Bar in India Are you looking for an effective exfoliating soap bar? I do understand at times, due to neglecting the skin, it gets loaded with dust and impurities along with the toxins and pollutants. Therefore, to get rid of all those you must use exfoliating products like a body wash or a soap bar. But why ...

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