Top 10 Best Anti-Pigmentation Facial Kits in India for Men and Women

Best anti pigmentation creams in india

Anti-Pigmentation Facial Kits in India for Men and Women

Pigmentation on the skin can be characterized by the skin discoloration and skin gets dark in patches. It is also known as hyper-pigmentation, is a condition that darkens patches of your skin. These dark patches can be on anywhere like forehead, cheeks and chin. Pigmentation on the chin is the most common area. It is not harmful when you have pigmentation but certainly, it can make you conscious and is a beauty concern for many. Above all, it makes the skin appear unhealthy and lifeless. Glow is far away when our skin is patchy and pigmented. Not only can that it also make you lose the self confidence.

Factors responsible for Hyper-pigmentation

Melanin is produced from the melanocytes which gives color to the skin. Over production or irregular production of melanin by the melanocytes is responsible for this problem of hyper-pigmentation.

The factors that make the skin get pigmented are:

  • Over-exposure to the sun and UV rays
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics
  • Allergies and other reactions
  • Use of certain skin products that are unsuitable
  • Medications

Top 10 Best Anti-Pigmentation Facial Kits in India: (2021)

Here’s the list of the best facial kits for pigmentation and dark spots in Indian market. These are not just for women but men too can use these. The facial kits have herbal ingredients that aid in the lightening marks and other skin issues.

1. Lotus Professional Di-Pigmentone Exclusive Treatment for Removing Pigmentation

Lotus Professional Di-Pigmentone Exclusive Treatment for Removing Pigmentation

Lotus Professional Dipigmentone facial kit is made exclusively for the pigmentation on the face. If you need a good quality facial kit from a good brand, then definitely try Lotus Herbals. The brand offers really good products which are suitable for all skin types and are safe as well. The steps in this facial removes skin discoloration, marks, blemishes, dark spots on the face but makes sure you’ve to be regular with it.

Features and Review:

  • The anti-pigmentation facial kit lightens the hyper-pigmentation by removing the dead skin cells
  • Enriched with papaya enzymes that whitens and brightens the skin tone
  • It controls the melanin production 

The facial kit comprises of the following things:

  1. Dipigmentone Control Complex: Gives high percentage of actives for lightening the marks, spots and pigmentation
  2. Papaya Enzyme Even Tone Mask: Papaya Enzyme Even Tone Masque improves the texture of your skin by evening out the skin color
  3. Dipigmentone Pigmentation Control Concentrate: Provides high level of actives for controlling and reducing pigmentation.

Price: 1895 Rupees

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2. Olivia De-Pigmentation Facial Kit

Olivia De-Pigmentation Facial Kit

Olivia De Pigmentation Facial Kit is a specially formulated facial kit that has the power of active botanicals. Do you like using fruit loaded facial kits? This would be really good. The facial kit has the benefits of facials along with the skin benefits.

Olivia De Pigmentation Facial Kit comprises of:

  • Cleansing gel
  • Scrub
  • Massage cream
  • Face Pack
  • Serum

How to Use:

Cleansing gel contains the papaya extracts that are rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It is able to eliminate those impurities that give way to blackheads, whiteheads and acne. The next step is face scrub that contains papaya extracts as well. It reduces the pigmentation spots and dark spots. The vitamin E richness can definitely improves the skin dryness and pigmentation. As an added product, it also has serum that further lightens those dark patches that concerns you the most.

Price: 175 Rupees

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3. Nature’s Essence Papaya Kit For Pigmentation

Nature's Essence Papaya Kit

Nature’s Essence Papaya Facial Kit has fruit extracts of papaya. You may have by now realized, that a lot of facial kits and other pigmentation removal creams and products contain papaya. What’s the reason for it? Actually papain present in papaya cures dark spots and reduces the darkness in the form of pigmentation. Papain is also highly beneficial in lightening the age spots. This papaya extracts based facial kit is suitable for dark, patchy, pigmented and blemished skin. It also contains bakuchi herb, coconut oil and carrot stem extracts. After using a facial kit like this continuously, you can definitely expect even tone skin and glow.

Nature’s Essence Papaya Facial Kit comprises of:

  • Papaya Milk Cleansing Cream
  • Papaya Pulp Scrub Powder
  • Papaya Cream
  • Papaya Pack

Price: 910 Rupees

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4. Shahnaz Husain 7 Step Pigmentation Control Facial Kit

Shahnaz Husain 7 Step Pigmentation Control Facial Kit

This pigmentation control facial kit by Shahnaz Husain, is one of the best facial kits for pigmentation and dark spots. The kit has 7 steps of facials as mentioned. All the seven steps of this facial ensure blemish free and healthy looking skin. Honestly, you should never expect to see results in 1-2 usage as pigmentation takes time.

Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Pigmentation Control 7 Step Facial Kit Contains:

  • Professional Power Bio-Hydrating Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Professional Power Nourishing Cream
  • Professional Power Skin
  • Veg Peel
  • Anti-Pigmentation Gel  Net
  • Covering Cream

Features and Review

  • Has 7 steps of facial
  • Easy to use at home
  • Very affordable facial kit considering it has 7 steps
  • Can be tried twice in a month like at a gap of 2 weeks
  • Gives reduction in the age spots, marks and dark spots
  • Gives smoother and fairer looking complexion

Price: 345 Rupees

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5. Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit

Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit

Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit is made to lighten pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Too much sun exposure or staying in the sun can also make your skin appear dark.The pigmentation removal facial kit has the ingredient like Lemongrass, which lightens dark spots and pigmentation. Besides lemongrass, it has cedarwood which is loaded with anti-oxidants to heal and treat the dark patches on your face. By improvising the micro blood circulation, a facial kit rich in herbal actives can aid in skin lightening and boosting the glow and radiance.

Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit comprises of the following facial steps:

  • Lemongrass Cleaning Cream
  • Lemongrass Face Scrub
  • Lemongrass Massage cream
  • Lemongrass Massage Gel
  • Lemongrass Face Pack

Lemongrass is an effective skin toner and powerful astringent that seeps into the skin layers and controls the excessive secretion of the sebum. It opens and unclogs pores that in turn prevents breakouts on the skin. Cedarwood Oil is a powerful and skin whitening essential oil that is known since ages to treat the acne and scars.

Features and Review:

  • Has lemongrass and cederwood
  • Treats the acne and marks
  • Regulates the oil production
  • Decreases the oiliness and pigmentation

Recommended For: Acne prone skin, oily skin and normal skin

Price: 860 Rupees

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6. VLCC Ayurveda Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Facial Kit

VLCC Ayurveda Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Facial Kit

VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Facial Kit is made with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs like the turmeric and sandalwood. It brightens complexion, reduces fine lines and stimulates the production of new cells. As a results, your skin gets clear.

The facial kit contains:

  • VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Face wash
  • VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Scrub
  • VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Gel
  • VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Cream
  • VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Pack

Features and Review:

  • Jojoba beads and cellulose beads in the scrub remove the dead skin cells and deep rooted impurities 
  • Liquorice and Aloe extract in it nourishes the skin
  • Haldi and Chandan gel get absorbed and brighten the skin imparting a youthful glow
  • Haldi and Chandan Massaging Cream has Vitamin B3 and E 
  • VLCC Skin Brightening Haldi and& Chandan Pack has Liquorice extract, Rose oil and Multani Mitti


Olive oil extra virgin, Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Aloe extract, Draksha extract, Haridra Extract, Chamomile Oil

Price: 170 Rupees

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7. Jovees Anti Pigmentation and Blemishes Kit

Jovees Anti Pigmentation and Blemishes Kit

Jovees Anti pigmentation and Blemishes facial kit aids in the minimization of your acne marks, blemishes and even the dark spots other than the skin pigmentation. You may have used several facial kit,s but this is really easy to use at the convenience of your home. The kit is also amongst the effective facial kits that you can try for the pigmentation cure.

Jovees Anti Pigmentation and Blemishes Kit comprise of the following products:

  • Citrus and Blackberry Cleanser
  • Oat Veg Peel
  • Wheatgerm with Vitamin-E Face Massage Cream
  • Witch Hazel and Basil Skin Toning Gel
  • Nutmeg and Rosemary Anti Pigmentation Blemish Face Mask
  • Saffron Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream

How to apply:

Apply the Citrus and Blackberry Cleanser that deeply cleanse and removes the residues of makeup, dirt, grease etc. Coming with the second step is, Oat Veg peel. Veg peels are good as they can cure those dryness patches and also gets rid of the dull skin, Dull skin is really not in!! One should definitely do something to remove the dullness. Therefore, the veg peel is suitable to get skin’s natural moisture balance get going.

As a third step in this facial kit, we’ve Wheat germ with Vitamin-E Face Massage Cream. These two are extremely high in retaining the moisture of the skin. Witch Hazel and Basil Skin Toning Gel tones the skin and shrinks the open pores on the face. Nutmeg and Rosemary Anti Pigmentation Blemish Face Mask is a unique formulation is a good potential natural product to lighten the skin and blemishes naturally. To wrap up the facial at home, this facial kit has the Saffron Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream to refine skin tone and minimize pigmentation marks.

Price: 600 Rupees

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8. O3+ Whitening Facial Kit for Tan-Pigmented skin

O3+ Whitening Facial Kit

O3+ Whitening Facial Kit is not just a whitening kit that improves the skin complexion, rather the facial also lessens the appearance of darkness or the hyper-pigmentation. The easy to use facial, is wonderful for home usage and is very convenient. The kit is useful in the pigmentation control and decreasing the melanin.

Recommended For: Normal to Dry skin types

The O3+ whitening kit comprises of:

  • Whitening cleansing foam
  • Whitening tonic
  • Whitening serum
  • Whitening cream
  • Whitening mask

Price: 4370 Rupees

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9. Aroma Treasures Whitening & Brightening Facial Kit

Aroma Treasures Whitening & Brightening Facial Kit

Aroma Treasures Whitening & Brightening Facial Kit is designed for oily and acne prone skin. It is made from the 100% Pure And Natural Essential Oils. The essential oils in this kit aids in lessening of dark posts and pigmentation. Skin patches that appears pigmented can also be effectively lightened with the use of an anti-pigmentation facial kit. The kit has 5 steps of facial that can be used at home.

Price: 200 Rupees

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10. NutriGlow Skin Polisher Facial Kit

NutriGlow Skin Polisher Facial Kit

NutriGlow Skin Polisher Facial Kit has the combination of skin brightening peptide, melanin inhibitors and botanical extracts and actives. It reduces the skin’s darkness caused because of harsh sun and UV rays. So, if your major concern is  pigmentation and dullness of skin, then a facial kit like this can be definitely tried.

NutriGlow Skin Polisher Facial Kit comprises of:

  • Lemon Cleanser
  • Saffron Scrub
  • Honey & Almond cream
  • Green Apple Pack

Features and Review:

  • Preserves the skin’s natural luminosity and radiance
  • Has anti-aging benefits
  • Improves the skin colour and texture
  • Lessens the skin’s dullness and roughness

Recommended for: All skin types for pigmentation and darkness cure

Price: 700 Rupees

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How to Use Facial Kits to Remove Pigmentation 

Using the facial kit is extremely important. There are several facials available in the market that you can try at home. These are easy and basically majority of the facial kits have the basic 4-5 steps like a skin cleanser, face scrub, massage gel, massage cream and a face pack or mask.

  1. You should always tie the hair so, that your hair does not come on the face while doing the facial.
  2. To start with the cleansing is the first step.
  3. Cleansing is primary as the skin is thoroughly cleansed which makes the scrubs and creams work the best.
  4. After the cleansing, you should scrub the face. Scrubbing the face is important as the residues, dead skin cells etc can be culprit in getting zits and breakouts on the face. Exfoliation removes the dead skin and skin is able to breath.
  5. Next step in facial is massaging. Massage cream makes the skin look radiant. This cream is able to give the skin cells more oxygen and radiance.
  6. Massaging is crucial as it boosts the micro circulation and skin looks glowing. The cream when seeps in the skin cells give them proper moisture.
  7. Facials can be done once in 15 days to get rid of the dullness and pigmentation.

Benefits of Facials for the Pigmentation and Blemishes

  1. Regular use of facial kit helps the reduction of the darkening and dark patches.
  2. The active botanical and plant extracts in the facial kits delay the aging and also the age spots.
  3. Moreover, when the facials are done regularly, it makes the sagging skin tighter as skin cells renew at a faster rate. Faster rate of renewal makes the skin feel alive by the tightening of the tissues.
  4. Apart from the glow that facials can give you, facials also help in the lightening of the darkness and hyper-pigmentation.
  5. Face masks and packs in the facials are important to tighten the skin cells. Your skin is tighter when the skin cells are renewed regularly.
  6. Tanning, dullness and skin loosening can also be treated when regular facials are done.
  7. With the facials you can expect that the skin looks visibly bright.
  8. Facials lighten the blemishes, pigmentation patches and dark circles, its enzymes also offer peeling action and restore natural complexion. 

So, have you done facials for the improving of the skin color and the pigmentation cure? Which is your most relied anti pigmentation facial kit?

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  1. My skin is sensitive and lightly dull n dry. Overall at present my skin is pigmented and I want a permanent solution for my problem. Please concern my request.

  2. Hi Rishu, Skin pigmentation can be tackled with Kojic acid and arbutin rich skin creams but they can make the skin sensitive for sometime so sunscreen application is a must during the day.