Top 6 Best Hair Sprays for Men in India with Price, How to use hair sprays

 best hair sprays for men in India

6 Best Hair Sprays for Men in India: Hair sprays are good to keep your hair in place and let’s you try various hairstyles. Hairstyling is for men too these days. Men too wish to give different looks to their hair and this is why hair styling products for men are formulated. In this post we will share best hair sprays in Indian for men. These hair sprays can be sprayed to keep the hairstyles a lot longer.

6 Top Best Hair Sprays for Men in India

1. TRESemme Firm Control Tres Two Spray Ultra Fine Mist Hair Styler

tresemme best hair sprays for men in India

This hair spray is for both men and women. This is for 1290 rupees though online this can be bought for less. The ultra fine mist of this hair sprays will give a strong hold and will keep  the hair in place. This will not make the hair rough as that happens with most of the hair sprays. Also this hair spray will control the frizziness and unmanageable hair.

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2. Nova Super Firm Hold Hair Styler

nova best hair sprays for men in India

This hair spray cost 449 rupees, though the price may vary depending on where you buy this. This for all the hair types and to get various hair styles. This hair spray contains protective UV filters and pro-vitamin B5. This gives protection against sun rays too and also makes the hair cuticle protected from damage. This is good to provide an ultra-hold for your hair and gives volume lift.

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3. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray Strong Hold Hair Styler

loreal best hair sprays for men in India

This Elnett Satin is used extensively on the red carpet events and photo shoots. It has a micro-diffuser spray that gives shinier finish that lasts all day long. Moreover, the hold will also last all day. To use this hair sprays, you can spray this 3-4 inches away from the hair strands. Good this is that this does not have any scent or odor. This hair pray for men costs 2199 Rupees, but you can get it for less for a pack of 250ml.

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4. Gatsby Super Hard Set and Keep Spray Hair Styler

gatsby best hair sprays for men in India

This is a very affordable and very effective hair styling spray that gives a nice texture to the hair. The curls, hairstyles, updoes lasts long and get a beautiful texture on the hair. This hair spray costs only 200 rupees which is very inexpensive.  This is non sticky and leaves no visible residue. This hair styler spray has refreshing citrus scent. This gives a firm hold, shiny hair and UV protection as well.

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5. Schwarzkopf Professional Got2b Rockin’It Encore Hold Hairspray Hair Styler

schwarzkopf best hair sprays for men in India

This hair styling spray is for 1599 but as we said online they are available for less. This has got the technology which helps this spray to work well. Like this has the high-amplification polymers-powered up micro-resins for a weightless strong hold. This will keep the hair as it is for the entire day long and there is no touch ups required.

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6. Schwarzkopf Professional Supersoft Volumising Hairspray Hair Styler

prof best hair sprays for men in India

If your hair is fine and you wish to gets some extra volume then this can be tired. The fine mist of this hair styling spray will work on the fine hair strands. Not only that this also keeps the hair style made with thin fine hair in place.

How to use hair sprays

To use the hair spray, you can style your hair and then spray the hair spray directly over the hair from a distance of 6-8 inches.

If you have to backcomb the hair then try spraying a little closer so that the back combing can stay longer.

After that you can try to create the hairstyle you need. 

This is the list of the best hair sprays for men in India. Which is your favorite hair spray? Dos hare in the comments!

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