Effective 6 Best Intimate Hygiene Products For Men in India (2022)

Best Intimate Hygiene Products For Men in India

Just like your grooming products, hygiene for the intimate area is also crucial, the chances of getting some problems and the itching, rashes gets increase by manifolds when you are not using any intimate hygiene product. So, here we made this list that include the cleansers, wash, wipes for your private parts. 

Intimate Hygiene Products For Men in India (2022)

Let’s have a look at these hygiene products and wash for the private parts for men.

1. Skin Elements Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil

Hygiene for the intimate areas is crucial to maintain a well being. The Skin Elements Intimate Wash For Men with Tea Tree Oil is rich in anti bacterial properties thus, it eliminates the odor and infection causing bacteria. It also removes the itching that men experiences in the intimate areas. It also ahs Calendula & aloe vera extracts that are well known to soothe the inflamed and itchy skin.

The intimate wash for men is an 100% safe product that is pH Balanced and Soap Free formulation.

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2. Pwash Men’s Herbal Intimate Wash Spray

This is a herbal spray for your private parts. This can be directly prayed and then washed off. The price f this spray to is very affordable and men can try it twice in a day. Even after the private moments once can use this to cleanse themselves thoroughly.

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3. HYGEE Masculine Intimate Wash

HYGEE Masculine Intimate Wash is a specially formulated herbal intimate wash that cab be used 2 times in a day for odorless and fresh feeling private parts. When not taken care there can be problems hence, your intimate areas should be thoroughly cleansed. It also keeps the skin soft and supple hence, also gets rid of the itching. HYGEE masculine wash has effective anti-bacterial formula which helps remove bad smell and promotes clean feel.

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4. Earthvedic Intimate Wash Men

Earthvedic Intimate Wash Men is SLES & Paraben free. The product is made of the fresh herbs that controls itching and promotes the freshness. The cooling and soothing product is also good at the reduction of the bacterial proliferation. It maintains pH balance of intimate areas  and can be used regularly.

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5. Ka Personal Intimate Hygiene For Men

These wipes are alcohol & Paraben Free that kills the odour casing bacteria and also minimizes the severe itching. The fresh feel down there makes you feel fresh too. The rich moisturizing formula jeeps the skin soft and subtle. These promote the men’s comfort and also promotes the convenience and cleanliness.  They consist of Aloe Vera Extract that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Cucumber Extracts soften and soothes these kin while Allantoin in it boosts skin regeneration. Citrus is a natural preservative and anti-oxidant  while aquaxyl will hydrate and retain moisture, Lastly, fluidipure fights against microbial growth.

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6. Alpha Male Grooming WOOD Intimate Wash Ginseng

The liquid intimate body wash is for all skin types and has mint fragrance. This also contains menthol that provides coolness. Alpha Male Grooming WOOD Intimate Wash is specially formulated to keep the right pH balance while getting rid of bacteria. It is also recommended by dermatologists.  The mild and effective formula is free of soapy ingredients and aids in the reduction of the bacteria growth. It also controls the bad itching. Moreover,  it also removes the residue left behind by the lubricant residue, birth control products etc.

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So, these are the best Intimate hygiene products for men available in Indian market. Have you tried any of these?

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