Top 12 Best Jeans Brands in India with Name List (2021)

best jeans brands for men in India

Best Jeans Brands in India For Men

A good pair of jeans is almost as an indispensable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. If you don’t have a pair of jeans, what you have for your casual hangouts, or for collage. Definitely, you don’t want to roam around in your trousers and other type of pants? In this post, we have listed some of the best jeans brands in India. These brands are from the top names that are extremely easy to avail from stores and online. Getting a pair of jeans from a good brand can ensure comfort quality and good looks. Brand conscious people always look for the best clothing brands. And that does not mean you have to shell out crazily on your clothes, all you’ve to do is to pick up the right brand which is in your reach.

List of Top Jeans Companies (Brands) in India: 2021

Let’s go ahead and check out the best denim/ jeans brands available in Indian market.

1. Levi’s Jeans

Undoubtedly, Levi’s jeans are one of the best selling jeans around the world. This is the first preference of so many people across the world who loves Levi’s jeans. The brand has lot of popularity in the fashion market. In India, they are quite successful in selling their jeans and other outfits. There are multiple stores across India in major cities from where you can get Levi’s jeans.

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2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Jeans brand is known for its variety of colors and designs in jeans for men. Their range is higher but their quality is high end. They have different types and variety to offer like a regular fir, slim fit, narrow fit and much more. The products are available on online shopping sites easily.

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3. Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones is a brand which does not need any introduction. The brand has become popular amongst younger generation and has been here since 1990. The Jeans are extremely comfortable and has variety like the super skinny jeans, loose fit jeans, slim fit jeans and narrow fit. Price range is also affordable. You can get a pair of Jack & Jones jeans for as less as thousand bucks.

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4. LEE Jeans

LEE is also a good brand for jeans. This is one of the most popular brand that offers affordable and high quality denims in India. It is also an American jeans brand that is quite old in the market. Other than the denims, LEE also makes other products like T-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories like wallets, belts etc. LEE denims are extremely popular amongst the youth.

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5. Pepe Jeans

This jean brand is also one of the best denim brands in India. They have high quality denim material for their jeans. The products are mostly affordable and are preferred amongst the younger generation like college students and teens. This London based Jeans brand in India is very popular and hot selling with over hundreds of different styles.

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6. Wrangler

The next best jeans brand in India on our list is Wrangler. This brand offers so many different jeans styles and designs for men and women. This is also an American brand that has manufacturing units in every part of the globe. The jeans are reasonably priced and are available in variety of sizes and styles. Undoubtedly, they are all the best selling jeans brands in India.

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7. Spykar Jeans

Spykar Jeans brand is not an international brand but is one of the best jeans or denim brands in India. The brand is not very old but within this short time span, it has made a big name for itself. The company believes in making quality products and their products are selling globally currently. Spykar Jeans are highly comfortable and can be worn for long hours.

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8. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is the next jeans brand in India which is highly popular. Lee Cooper is not just known for their Denim but they have wide range of formal clothing, t-shirts, jeans, shoes, accessories and other products for men and women. They give you that complete wardrobe essentials that you need to look sophisticated and well-groomed. Lee Cooper Jeans are made with good quality and offers wide variety of selection.

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9. Numero Uno

Numero Uno is the next on our list of best jeans brands in India. Numero Uno is an Indian brand that was launched in the year 1987. It is not an international brand but it has managed to achieve that much of popularity just like the international brands have in Indian market. Their products are quite modern, stylish and comfortable. You can get Numero Uno jeans from most of the shop nearby, from the malls and online shopping sites. The best thing about this brand of jeans is the affordability and trendiness.

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10. Mufti Jeans

Mufti is an Indian brand that offers casual wear for men. It came into existence in the year 1998 and since, it has gained popularity. You can get a pair of Mufti Jeans for as less as 700 bucks. The brand is a budget-friendly brand for men’s clothing.

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11. Flying Machine

Flying machine is also one of the best jeans brands in India. It is an Indian brand that youngsters find quite affordable. High quality and trendy styling that they use for the jeans is impeccable. Their slim fit jeans are very much in demand. Along with that they also make shirts, T-shirts and other men’s accessories. They have got numerous outlets across India.

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12. John Player

John Player is not just known for its formal clothing like shirts and pants, it’s a well known brand for jeans as well. The brand is also an Indian brand that has been popular. John Player products are available on online shopping sites easily.

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Other Popular Brands to buy Jeans for Men online in India

  • Next
  • Roadster
  • HRX
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Being Human
  • Wrogn
  • LocoMotive
  • Guess
  • Moda Rapido

So this is the list of the best denim jeans brands available in India. One that is you prefer? Do you like Levis more or Lee Cooper more? Which is the best jeans brands according to you? 

How to Choose a good pair of Jeans             

Now that you know which are the best brands of jeans in India, you should also know a very important facts about jeans and that is how to buy a perfect pair of denim jeans. It is important to keep few things in mind before you buy the one that you like.

First of all, knowing your size is extremely important as if you do not know your size then, no ways you can get a good pair of jeans for yourself. Because even if the jeans is of high quality, an ill-fitted product is just waste. How to know about the size of your jeans before buying? Use a measuring tape across your waist and Note down your size.

Determining the fabric is also to be taken care of. Check whether the denim is made with the polyblend or made of 100% cotton. The jeans with 100% cotton are best for summer season.

Lastly, you should also check the Denim that you are buying have the shape that you desire. This means, if you would like to have a narrow fit, slim fit or the regular denim.

This is the shape and the cut. If your upper body part is bulky then you should avoid shapes like tapered or slim fit. You should go for straight or regular fit. Similarly, if the upper body is thin or you’ve a slimmer frame, then you should refrain from wearing boot cuts.

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