Top 9 Best Rice Bran Oil Brands in India (2021) with Benefits

best rice bran cooking oils in india

Rice bran oil for cooking is the latest thing that heath conscious people are choosing at the moment. What exactly is Rice bran oil? Rice bran oil is extracted from the husk and the excess germ of the rice kernels. The oil is brilliant for the cooking purpose as it come with a high smoke point which means that it is suitable or the deep frying. Indian kitchens use a lot of deep frying for their special dishes and hence the oil which has high smoke point and low absorbability it considered best health-wise. Here, we have best rice bran oils in India, you can also check the best mustard oils in India

Rice Bran oil is rich in the MUFA which is Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids and PUFA which are Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. So, you can simply say that this cooking oil is the healthiest oil as compared with the other oils. The cooking rice bran oil is light golden in color and has a neutral taste. Even in the high temperature, this cooking oil retains its color, nutrients and the taste. It is said in the research that rice bran oil has a similar structural composition as that of the groundnut oil.

Health Benefits of Rice Bran Cooking Oil 

Rice bran oil has multiple health benefits which are mentioned below so that you can know about its wonderful features.

No Interference in cuisines

As we mentioned that the Rice bran oil is extracted from the germ and husk of the Rice kernels, the oil has neutral taste and mild yellow color. So, while you are preparing Indian delicacies, it won’t interfere with the taste of your favorite dish. The oil is also light hence, you will not need a lot while deep frying.

Prevents Menopausal Issues

Rice bran oil is also known to help women who are undergoing menopause.  It prevents and minimizes the hot flashes and also decreases the irritability associated with the condition in mature women.

Controls Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol can be harmful for the heart health as it get accumulate din the arteries and can lead to heart failure, strokes etc. So, while you can use oils that can prevent the cholesterol, then why not? WHO has made clear that rice bran oil consist the best balance between the monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats as compared to all other vegetable cooking oils. It prevents the synthesis of the Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs) that are bad form of the cholesterol.

Prevents Cancer

The oil is rich in the anti-oxidants and vitamin E as well as oryzanol. The Richness of Tocopherol, vitamin E makes sure that the free radicals are eliminated. They boost the immune system and make the body less prone to the cancerous cell growth.

Delays Aging

Vitamin E richness in Rice bran oil helps to delay the skin aging and the skin cancer. It increases the skin’s natural elasticity and makes skin glowing. The ample amount of vitamin E also makes the wrinkle and lines to get smoothen over the time. Regular consumption can make sure that skin elasticity is increased and lesser wrinkles are formed.

Some More Benefits

  • Rice bran oil aids in the stimulation of the insulin increase, hence is considered good for the diabetes.
  • It also increases the food absorption and digestion which in turn leads to lesser acidity and gas formation.
  • Oryzanol in Rice bran cooking oil lessens the chances of heart diseases.

Best Rice Bran Oils For Cooking in India (2021)

Now, let’s take you through this list of the best Rice bran oils available in the Indian market that you can use for cooking and to get its numerous health benefits.

1. Fortune Rice Bran Oil

Fortune King's Rice Bran oil

Fortune Rice Bran Oil is one of the best rice bran oils in India. The oil is very affordable and is easily available online, in stores and even in your nearby stores. Online you can expect some discounts on this oil. This has multiple vitamins and richness of oryzanol and vitamin E that keeps heart healthy and does not lead to weight gain. For someone, who is health conscious can also sue olive oil for cooking, you must check these best olive oils for cooking in India.

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2. Emami Healthy and Tasty Refined Rice Bran Oil 

Emami Healthy and Tasty Refined Rice Bran Oil

Emami Refined rice bran oil is a comparatively new product but it does ensure good quality and affordable price. The oil is available in pouch, pet bottle and in the 5 liter jar as well. The oil is physically refined and there are no adulterants and chemicals used. This can be your healthy option of cooking oils available in India. It is high in MUFA and PUFA that also reduces the bad cholesterol from the body.

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3. Patanjali Rice Bran Oil


Patanjali Rice bran oil is also one of the popular and best rice bran oil brands in India. This is a physically refined oils so, you be assure that it involves chemicals. It is rich in Unsaturated fatty acids which are considered healthy for heart. This has anti-oxidants like Oryzanol, Vitamin E along with minerals and vitamins. The oil is processed with the latest physical refining technology which retains the quality, flavor, smell and aroma.

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4. King’s Rice Bran Oil

King's Rice Bran Oil

King’s Rice Bran Oil is rich in the Oryzanol which is a potential anti-oxidant that helps to keep you fit and healthy. It helps in managing the cholesterol and is also loaded with the Vitamin E and A. This oil is also considered good for the skin and hair moreover, for the eyes as well.

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5. Saffola Gold Edible Oil

Saffola Gold Edible Oil

Saffola Gold is a little expensive but one of the best healthy cooking oil brands in India. The oil is not just the rice bran oil but Saffola Gold is a blend of 80% refined rice bran oil and 20% refined safflower oil. This means that it has the perfect balance of MUFAs and PUFAs to sustain healthy heart and fit body. It lowers the cholesterol that blocks the arteries and also lessens the chances of different types of cancers. It contains the goodness of both rice bran oil and safflower oil to boost the immunity and overall health.

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6. Healthguard Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

Healthguard Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

Health Guard Oil has the finest quality of rice bran oil which is free of  the preservatives, adulterants and chemicals. It is made by the latest physical refines process to ensure quality. It is perfect for deep frying and has Oryzanol. It contains low saturated fats and high unsaturated fats which are good or the body. Moreover, the cooking oil is free from trans-fatty acids.

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7. Sundrop Heart Oil

Sundrop Heart Oil

Out of the few popular cooking oils brands Sundrop Heart oil is one of the best Rice bran oils in India. Not just the rice bran but it is the best heart healthy cooking oil. The edible oil has the scientific blend of physically refined rice bran oil (80 percent) and refined sunflower oil (20 percent). This cooking oil is rich in a ‘Oryzanol’ that aids in reducing cholesterol levels. Sundrop heart oil is scientifically proven to help reduce cholesterol in 30 days. It is free of the trans fats and saturated fats which are termed as bad fats for the body.

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8. Ray Healthy Cooking Spray Refined Rice Bran Oil 

This is not the traditional oil thing but it is a cooking spray. The bottle has a dispensing mechanism that means you can pour out the quantity required and no excess oils therefore. This rice bran oil is refined hence, you get the purity and assurity of genuine product. It can be used for salad dressing, grilling etc.

9. Dhara Life Refined Ricebran Oil 

Dhara Life Refined Ricebran Oil

Dhara refined rice bran oil is rich in Oryzanol and is fortified with vitamin A and D2. It has natural immunity boosting properties and anti-cancer properties due to its natural anti-oxidants content. Dhara is a popular and trusted cooking oil brand since so many years and this oil too is made without the use of chemical substances. It is physically refined and comes with unique ‘low absorb technology’ which ensures that the food absorbs less oil when you use this oil.

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This is the list of the best Rice bran oils in India. Which is your favorite rice bran oil bran that you would recommend, do share?

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