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satvyk online organic food store

Hi everyone! I am going to talk about this new online store that I got chance to discover. Satvyk is the one-stop online organic food store. It offers completely healthy and organically grown food items and groceries. They ensure that you get organic and green food at affordable prices. The biggest advantage of this online store is that they source directly from the farmers who grow organic products without the pesticides and offers them reasonable prices. These sourced products are processed by traditional methods and that does not include any adulteration or chemical involvement during the processing, refining or extraction.

So, recently I got a chance to use a lot of their products and I must say that they are quite good in terms of the prices and the quality.

Satvyk is your grocery store, where you can order the grocery items online and it will be delivered to you. They have got everything that you use for your daily consumption and kitchen requirement like rice, cooking oils, spices, ghee, grains etc

Out of the products that I’ve used, I will brief you about those. Hopefully, I will give you an idea about the quality of these products.

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1. Satvyk Sahyadri Unprocessed Forest Honey 

This is one of my favorite products out of the lot that I received. It’s pure and adulterated honey that is unprocessed. It is rich in nutrients and medicinal value of course. The price is also very affordable. Honey can be used in a lot of different ways like you can have it with your warm milk or in the morning on empty stomach along with warm water and lemon juice. I take it every day and it has worked really well as a natural weight loss treatment.

2. Satvyk Wood Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is also my favourite product as it is purely organic and there is no use of any chemicals or adulterants. I used as a body massage oil and as a hair oil as well. My wife can try it as a makeup remover. Even for babies, massaging can be done using this, other than utilizing it as cooking oil.

satvyk online organic food store products review

3. Satvyk Unrefined Desi Khandsari Sugar

The unrefined Khandsari sugar is a type of white sugar that is made from thickened sugarcane syrup. What makes it different from the regular white sugar is that it’s neither bleached not contains any harmful chemicals for additives. Other than that, it is a healthier option when compared with the white sugar. I really like it and would like to use it again.

4. Satvyk Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

 Now this is one of my most used product from them. This is a purely natural oil that is cold pressed and doesn’t involve any chemical adulterant, filtration or extraction method. Cricket be used for as a cooking oil or as a body massage oil as well.

5. Satvyk Khichdi Mix

This is really something which is an interesting product. I have never used anything like a Khichdi mix because whenever, we use to prepare khichdi,  we would take the moong dal and rice separately but this is actually a mixture that contains red rice, moong dal, kodo millet and moringa powder. Moringa powder has special relevance as per the Ayurveda as it makes your breakfast or dinner light and easy to digest.

6. Satvyk Desi Cow Ghee 

Using the old Bilona method, this is made by warming the Makhan or the milk cream that we get. This is the same procedure that we also used to make ghee from milk cream at home. This is one of the best methods to obtain the pure ghee. It’s also good for toddlers.

satvyk online organic food store honey

7. Siddhagiri Gurukul Liquid Jaggery

This is something which I find to be really interesting. It is a liquid jaggery which means the gur or jaggery that we eat in the solid state, it’s its molten version. It is very easy to use and you can add it to your recipes to make them sweet. Gur is a rich source of iron.

8. Satvyk Tulsi Ark

Tulsi Ark is the extract of basil leaves. It helps to improve your digestion and cure sore throat. Even in case of viral infection and cold it can help combat the infection.

9. Satvyk Rose Water 

This is a pure rose water without any additives. Rose water has anti inflammatory properties and can also be used to cure skin issues like dryness, scars marks and even acne. It also acts as a skin cleanser by eliminating the dirt that can clog the pores.

10. Satvyk Organic Jamun Squash 

The jamun squash is a pure product without any sugar addition. This fruit is good for digestive system and because of its cooling properties it is excellent it drink to have during summer season. It helps to prevent acne, wrinkles blemishes and pimples. In fact, it’s also a good source of iron.

11. Satvyk Amla Juice

Amla or Indian gooseberry juice is known to regulate the blood sugar levels, optimize your digestion, lower the cholesterol levels and what not. It is also a very effective treatment for weight loss. Even people with stomach related ailments can try this every morning on an empty stomach.

12. Satvyk Lemon Ginger squash

Lemon Ginger squash contains the goodness of Lemon and Ginger. This can be taken on empty stomach to maintain your weight and to prevent any type of viral infections.

13. Satvyk Amla powder

Satvyk Indian gooseberry powder or Amla powder is a powerhouse of nutrients and is known as a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, iron and manganese. It helps to improve your hair and skin condition and also stimulates the digestion.

14. Satvyk Amla Prash

Amla Prash is like the paste made of Amla. It has multiple benefits like slowing down aging, curing sore throat, increasing metabolism, maintaining blood sugar levels and many other things. It also prevents the formation of gallstones in your gallbladder.

There are few more products which I haven’t gotten a chance to try. Soon, I will review them for you.

Satvyk Online store delivers all across India and within few days, your products will reach you safely. My parcel was packaged nicely and even though there were glass bottle and jars they reached undamaged. I will really recommend and advise that you get products from here if you are a health conscious person who relies on organic food.

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