6 Best Bleach Creams for Men in India with Price

6 best bleach creams for men in india

6 Best Bleach Creams for Men in India: Bleaching is done with bleach creams to hide the dark unwanted hair. This process will match the unwanted hair with the skin’s natural color, hence they will not be visible. So this process will results in two things, one is the fairer looking skin complexion, then secondly reduced sun tan and increased skin clarity. So, guys if you to wish to bleach the facial hair, to look fair and glowing then, there are some best men’s bleach cream in India like from the top brand. Let’s have a look what are those.

Benefits of Skin Bleach for Men

Skin bleach helps to discolor the facial hair that are dark so post bleaching your skin will look clean and clear.

Bleaching will also reduce the marks and blemishes on the face.

Bleaching for men will also reduce the oiliness of the skin.

You can also get rid of the sun tan by bleaching the skin regularly.

6 Best Bleach Creams for Men in India with Price

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach

nature 6 best bleach creams for men in india

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach is wonderful for the skin.This will lighten the unwanted hair then also helps to lighten facial hair. This will match them with the natural skin color. A 200 g pack of this gold bleach cream is for 195 rupees. This pack will really last long hence you can try it.

VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach

vlcc 6 best bleach creams for men in india

Diamond bleach is good for all skin types especially mature dry skin. Diamond bhasma or ash used in this bleach cream is ideal to get rid of the dark hair stands on the face. This will help you look fair and glowing. This bleach is for men and costs Rs 130.

VLCC Insta Glow Oxy Bleach Kit

vlcc oxy 6 best bleach creams for men in india

Oxy bleach is a skim bleach that has the boost of oxygen moreover such bleach cream will help to revive the dull and tired skin. If you have dull and lifeless skin then guys you can try oxy bleach to cover the dark facial hair. It is priced at Rs 330

Oxy Pearl Facial Bleach Cream 

oxy 6 best bleach creams for men in india

Pearl extracts are also considered good to increase the fairness and to whiten the skin naturally. This pearl bleach cream can be used by men as well. You can try this bleach once in a month. Hence, this will cure the dullness and also is good for oily to acne prone skin. This men’s bleaching cream is priced at Rs 240

Natures Essence Oxy Fair Oxygen Bleach 

natures 6 best bleach creams for men in india

Natures Essence Oxy Fair Oxygen Bleach has the natural ingredients and it also acts like a natural skin exfoliator. It will cover the facial hair instantly and furthermore helps in preventing acne and brightens the skin too. This bleach is good to cure the pimple marks too. You can get this for 250 rupees.

Jolen Aloe vera Mild Bleach

jolen 6 best bleach creams for men in india

Jolen Mild Crème Bleach formula is especially for sensitive skin type. If your skin is sensitive ad you need to use a bleach cream for that type. This also contains the aloe vera. Hence, this will have the burn healing effects, anti-inflammatory properties etc. Moreover, this is also ideal for the blackheads and whitehead elimination.

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