Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash Review, Price, How to Use

Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash: Hi everyone, Fair and lovely has now started making men’s skin care products as well since men too now a days are getting aware about the skin products and their importance. So, I got to try this face wash which I will review in this post. Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash is infused with multi expert beads that helps to deep clean the dust, skin impurities from the tough male skin. This gives an oil free look and smooth feel.

Price: This face wash is for 75 Rupees for 50gms

Experience with Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash

The product is packaged in a tube pack and this is very quick to use. I like such packaging as I can carry this in my gym bag as well. This face wash has a light bluish color with small beads that are of menthol I guess since I had used the Garnier Men Acno fight face wash and that to had them. These beads, I suppose are for the moisturization and cooling properties.

How to Use and Results: I use this Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash just like we use any other face wash. Hence guys, I will not tell how I use this. But this lathers decently and washes the face nicely.  I mean to say the dust, oils, greasiness that we accumulate throughout the day this face wash helps to clear that in one wash. I like the feel of this face wash, the cooling sensation and the fact that this makes the skin squeaky clean in one wash.

But I would also like to tell you that the brand claims that this does couple of things like to give cooling freshness, oil free smooth feel etc which are true but this gives long lasting fairness is not that true. I mean to say that after I was my face, my skin looks bright as all the skin dirt, dirt, oils are removed.  The long lasting fairness is not there.

This is a fairness face wash and is decent for that but you should not expect too much fairness or skin whitening claims. For men with oily skin, this will be a good face wash but at the same time, this isn’t the best face wash for dry skin in winters mostly. Though you can try and check if that suits your dry skin but my experience says that this is not adequately moisturizing for dry skin. 

I liked that the face wash that thick texture and consistency due to which you need not to take too much of the product. You need less to complete one wash. 

Pros of Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash

  • Travel friendly tube and packaging is also easy to use
  • Affordable and inexpensive price makes it a good buy
  • This face wash doesn’t leave the skin too dry or oily
  • This cleanses the skin well and skin feels matte
  • The cooling crystals add refreshing feel
  • Skin looks bright and matte
  • Good for normal skin, combination and oily skin

Cons of Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash

  • Fairness or long lasting fairness thing is not true
  • This may not suit dry skin.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

This Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Men Face Wash is for men with oily skin who needs skin brightening and nothing else. This gives control on oils for sometime but not much and this is also not for very dry skin. But men with oily skin will like it especially the boys.

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