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10 Top Best Patanjali Beauty Products for Men

10 best patanjali beauty products for men

10 Top Best Patanjali Beauty Products

Patanjali is a brand which is under the Swami Baba Ramdev trust. Patanjali brand focuses more on providing he natural skin care, hair care and kitchen products at minimal rates. This is why, this brand which is purely Indian has become quite popular in current time. I have seen that lots of people are taking Patanjali products Franchise to start selling their product. Our readers have asked us about some best Patanjali beauty product for men.

10 Top Best Patanjali Beauty Products for Men

There are products that men and women can use and there are some products which only men use, so in this list of products we have mentioned those Patanjali products which are best for men. Let’s have a look guys what those Patanjali products for men are.

1. Patanjali Lemon and Honey face wash

best patanjali beauty products

This Patanjali lemon and honey based facial cleanser is one of the best for oily skin. Lemon has the power to make the skin less oily and give fairness. This gives a fairer complexion and fresher skin. The face wash is needed in little bit amount. I will take just a pea sized amount and this face wash will there adequately. This also has neem and Tulsi. Neem and Tulsi or holy basil is good for curing the pimples on the skin.

2. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

best patanjali beauty products for men

Aloe vera gel is a great skin soothing, healing, rejuvenating organic ingredients. This is why aloe vera is found in a lot of skin care and hair care products. This also heals the minor cuts and ailments like rashes, boils etc. This is pure aloe gel can be used on the face to massage the face. Massaging the face with this aloe vera gel will improve the skin smoothness and texture. This aloe vear gel is considered to be the best patanjali beauty product for skin.

3. Patanjali Beauty Cream

best patanjali beauty products for men cream

This Patanjali beauty cream is for glowing skin and reduction of wrinkles. This has to be used 2 times in a day for maximum results.  This will maintain the skin’s optimum health and skin look younger.  But for that the cream should be used regularly as results take time to show up.

4. Patanjali  Moisturiser Cream

best patanjali beauty products for men moisturiser

Patanjali moisturizer cream is ideal for people with dry skin. This Patanjali facial cream will give nourishment to the deeper layers of the face. This has the power  of chamomile, shea butter along with the olive oil. These natural products are laced with nutrients and natural skin healing moisturizers. So, men with dry skin can try this moisturizer daily to overcome the parched, dry rough facial skin.

5. Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack

best patanjali beauty products for men multani

Men with acne prone skin should regularly use the multani mitti or fuller’s earth face packs. Such face packs are good for oily acne prone facial skin for men. This will combat the pimple problem by sucking out the impurities and oils from the face. Just apply this fuller’s earth face pack and allow this to fully get dried then rinse with normal water.

6. Patanjali Activated carbon facial foam

best patanjali beauty products for men foam

Patanjali facial foam has activated carbon which is ideal for getting rid of the impurities deep set in the skin layers. carbon extracts are also suitable for very oily skin since they will absorb the excessive sebum off the men’s skin to give glow and brightness.

7. Patanjali Shave Gel

best patanjali beauty products for men shave gel

This shaving gel is enriched with the goodness of the anti septic and anti bacterial properties of Neem and other herbal ingredients which help to initiate a smoother and closer shave. Moreover, the anti-septic ingredients will prevent any chances of skin infections, pimples, rashes etc after the shaving. There is a men’s shaving cream for also available that can also be tried.

8. Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub

best patanjali beauty products for men scrub

Just like we do face cleansing with soap or face wash, similarly face scrubbing is equally important. Scrubbing will help in the removal  of the dead cells that makes the skin look dark and dull. For oily skinned men scrubbing is very crucial to keep the pores of the skin clean. Else when your skin pores get blocked, there can be pimple and cane on the skin.

9. Patanjali Body Lotion

patanjali products for men lotion

Patanjali body lotion has some very good herbal ingredients which heals the rough dry skin and rejuvenates the skin. This body lotion has wheatgerm oil, aloe vera, mustard, cucumber etc which are very beneficial for rough dry skin in winters especially.

10. Patanjali kayakalp Tail

patanjali kayakalp tail

This kayakalp oil is used for eczema, itching and skin allergies. Men too may face itching and skin allergies like on their feet since they wear socks all day long in office or for college. It is also effective in treating the peeling skin and itchiness in hands during winters. For minor cuts, burns etc this oil can be used.

So, this is the list of the best Patanjali beauty products for men in India market. Have you used any of these products? Which is your favorite and most used?

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