5 Best Essential Tips for Men’s Oily Skin Care

essential tips for men's oily skin care

Tips for Men’s Oily Skin Care to keep Oils, blackheads, Pimples away

Do you have oily skin and your face feels oily and greasy just after few hours of washing it? This means that you have oily skin. Many times it is seen that when you have oily skin then naturally it also become acne prone skin as well. This can be because of the excessive sebum that is released by the over active glands. This sebum when gets accumulated on the skin and eventually comes in contact with the bacteria and dead skin tends to form pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other skin problems.

So, tackling the oily skin is hard but it is not that hard to be honest. There are certain tips for oily skin that men can follow to definitely get good skin in spite of the skin being super oily. Now, the question is which are the oily skin tips and routine for men/boys to follow. For that this article can be helpful. Following these tips can certainly help to achieve a flawless healthier complexion. Yes, men too look for a good skin, it shall not make you look less manly but in fact increases your fan following.

What Causes Oily Skin in Men?

Oily skin is caused when your skin has over-active sebaceous glands that secrete an oil loaded product called sebum. This sebum is not that bad as it helps to maintain a protective layer on the skin that moisturizes the skin and also acts as a barrier between the skin and the outer atmosphere. The problem arises when the sebum gets too much, which also invites those bacteria to cause acne, breakouts, comedones etc. The over activeness of the sebaceous glands can be due to the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is essential for men. So when the level of this hormone goes up the glands gets super active. But have you seen it this way that when the oils are there the skin at least stay moisturized and is less prone to wrinkles which can make you look older.

How to Get rid of Excessive oils on Men’s Skin 

To treat oily skin in men, you can follow some basic tips that will help you get rid of the oils and also makes the skin free from the skin problems. Here are the skin care tips for men with oily facial skin.

1. Cleansing                    

When your skin is oily then you need to cleanse the skin with an appropriate face wash twice in a day. Cleansing the skin two times in a day will make sure that when you wake up in the morning, the dirt debris etc is removed. Second time, when you wash the face at night, it will make sure that the accumulated dirt and pollutants throughout the day are removed before go to sleep. Always choose a cleanser that is suitable for the oily and acne prone skin. Using wrong skin care product or cleanser will only make your skin to secrete more oils hence use the ones that suit you.

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2. Scrubbing

Scrubbing or exfoliation is also one of the most important activity that men can do to keep their skin healthy. Do you know guys, why we scrub? We scrub to get rid of the accumulated dust, dead skin cells which can cause acne and pimples later on. You need to exfoliate the skin at least 2 times in a week to keep the skin free of the dead cells. Exfoliation is the key to get a healthy skin. Use the scrubs available in the market are have active products and ingredients like neem, salicylic acid, tea tree, turmeric etc which are anti bacterial in nature. If you have sensitive and oily skin then the scrub should be gentle and the granules of the scrubs should be mild and not too abrasive. Scrubbing can also remove the dead skin and prevent the ingrown hair while you shave.

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3. Toning

Toning or using facials skin toners is seen as an unimportant skin care step but honestly guys, use of facial toners is appropriate and very effective. Toners with tea tree etc helps to minimize the skin pores and lesser sebum is secreted. Toners should be chosen as per the men’s oily and acne prone skin.

To use a facial toner just take a cotton pad and take few drops of toner.

Dab it over your face. If your skin is oily on the T-Zone like on the basic combination skin then dab over the T zone more.

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4. Moisturization

You must be thinking, when my skin is already oily, why I should use moisturizer or skin creams? No friends, we are wrong here! Since even when the skin is oily, we must use a skin moisturizer or cream which actually acts as a barrier between the skin and the external pollutants and UV rays. You can use oil free creams and moisturizers that can help keep the skin in healthy condition. Moreover, when you shave then too, the skin feels nourished post shaving. Same goes for the toners which are good when you shave the skin. Also make sure that you apply an anti aging cream, once you reach your late 20s. Here is the list of the best anti aging creams for oily skin In India.

5. Shaving

Make sure to avoid men’s shaving creams and men’s aftershave’s that have alcohol in their ingredients. Alcohol is a well known skin irritant and excessively dries out the skin. The best shave cream for men and the best aftershave for men will contain no alcohol. Also avoid men’s aftershaves that contain menthol or heavy alcohol ingredients. As they can dry the face later on that only make the skin end up with more oils.

Extra Tips for Men’s Oily Face Care

Always avoid unsuitable or harsh skin care products like even if you are not using a face wash and using a face soap then too Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers on your skin as they can be drying and harmful for the delicate facial skin.
Use facial masks with mud, clay and ingredients like anti bacterial ones. This will keep the pimples away by eliminating the bacteria causing the acne problems n men with oily skin.

Once in a month steaming is also considered beneficial to keep the men’s skin pores clean. You know! When the pores are clogged then the skin may get break outs, hence cleansing of the pores is beneficial.

Even when the skin is combination, oily or acne prone then too washing it frequently can irritate the natural pH balance.

Use sunscreen when you go out in the sun which eventually prevents the skin from getting dull and darker. Who wants a dark and dull skin? Right guys?

So, these were some of the oily skin care tips for men that can help you keep your oily skin and combination skin healthier with no breakouts and skin problems. Whether you are a college student or a corporate worker, skin care is important guys!

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  1. Hi iam having oily face, and having small dark spots, on face, and I removed dark circles three times as on you , so plz suggest me

  2. Hi iam having oily face, and having small dark spots, on face, so plz suggest me

  3. Hi Vijay,

    You can try Nivea men dark spots moisturiser.