13 Best Men’s Talcum Powders (Body Powders) in India

Men’s Talcum Powders (Body Powders) in India

Body Powders or Talcum powders are not just for ladies but men too need good talc for them. Talcum powder which is also known as talc is used after the shower to smell good and keep yourself fresh. It absorbs the moisture and keeps the skin dry until you get sweat. Even after you get all sweaty, then too a good body powder can help create a layer that won’t let the skin to get all sticky, at least as compared when you haven’t used any talc at all. There are so many talcum powders for men available in Indian market but the point is, which is the best talcum powder for men? And how you decide the best one?

The best talcum powder for men should have masculine fragrance that keeps you fresh and should be able to fare well when you sweat. Like when you are outdoors, where there are no ACs or fans in the hot summers, your powder should be able to keep you fresh. And most importantly they should be within your budget. So, here we have compiled this list of the best talcum powders in Indian market that men can use to keep their skin dry and odor-free. Body powders are also beneficial in case of oily skin and heat rashes in summers. They are surely the cheapest grooming products.

Benefits of Using Talcum Powder

The major purpose of any talcum powder is to keep your skin sweat-free. These body powders should allow the skin to stay fresh and breathe well. Also the talc should prevent the prickly heat when the summer season is at its peak. Suitable talc helps you keep the skin cool and gives odor minimization benefits. All these benefits are topped up with the nice scent that most of the powders have. A lot of talcum powder for men also come up with the anti-bacterial ingredients that helps prevents the bacterial infections and also lessens the odor causing bacteria.

List of Best Smelling Talcum Powders for Men in India

1. Park Avenue Deo Talc Good Morning

Park Avenue is one of the best brands for men. Be it accessories, clothing, deodorants or talc. You can rely on Park Avenue brand for your grooming and clothing. They perfumes and body deodorants for men are the best and long lasting. D know about the best deodorants for men in India here. This Park Avenue talcum powder for men fights the bad body odor with its refreshing manly scent and gives rash free and itching free skin.  This variant is filled with the notes of tangy citrus, fresh, lavender, spicy, aromatic, green, woody and base has musky variants. It is also a triclosan rich body powder for men.

Price: 135 Rupees for 300g,

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2. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo Talc

Just like their deos and perfumes for men, Wild Stone is another brand that is commendable and trust worthy to be used. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deo Talc has deodorizing properties and refreshing scent that keep you feel fresh all day long. While the summer heat can give you body odor, a powder like this can be the solution to this problem topped up with a good deodorant or body spray. It has become one of the best selling men’s talcum powder in India.

Price: 150 Rupees for 200g

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3. Axe Denim Cologne Talc

Axe Denim Cologne Talc is one of the best talcum powder for men who like to smell good and stay dry. The powder is able to reduce the heat rashes and absorbs the moisture. It gently soothes the skin and also keeps your skin irritation free. The ingredients of this powder have talc, calcium carbonate, perfume, dipropylene glycol etc.

Price: 150 Rupees for 300g

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4. Nivea Musk Talc

We are sure, a lot of men like using musky fragrances and this is why this Nivea Musk Talc is the best body powder for men available in Indian market these days. It can effectively absorb sweat and moisture while keeping the skin odor-free and sweat-free for long. The musky scent is another point to get this asap. I really think that you guys will love it.

Price: 160 Rupees for 400g

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5. Dermi Cool Prickly Powder

Nothing can be said about Dermicool, when you need a powder solely for keeping the skin dry and preventing the prickly heat in summers. Yes, this is the best body powder for men and women for odor, moisture control and prickly heat cure. This summer talc also has anti-bacterial ingredients and also the proven ingredients that give skin cooling for long time.

Price: 170 Rupees for 150g,

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6. Yardley London Gentleman Talcum Powder

If you need a good talcum powder more for the scent then Yardley talcs and body powders are there. This imported body powder has masculine scent and consists of notes of sandalwood, musk, amber and white chocolate. All these makes it truly an intoxicating scent for a talc, which is topped up with cardamom and pepper. I am sure you’ll like its refreshing and intoxicating scent.

Price: 190 Rupees for 250g

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7. Cinthol Confidence Deo Talc

Cinthol makes the best soaps and body powders for men in India. This Cinthol Long Lasting Deo Talc is a powder with the fresh musky smell. Such fragrances are very popular in Indian summers. It gives you sweat-free feel and can be used soon after the bath. It is high rated deo talc available in India for men and can be bought from most of the local shops and online.

Price: 150 Rupees for 300g

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8. Nycil Cool Herbal with Neem & Pudina Prickly Heat Powder 

Nycil body powder is more for the prevention of heat rash, sweat and keeping your skin irritation and itching free. I call it as a summer must have for men and kids even.The body powder is from the brand like Heinz and is here in Indian market or the past 22 years. It is one of the best selling powders in India that has several variants like Neem and Pudina which has the highly used Indian anti-bacterial ingredients. Your entire family can use it.

Price: 150 Rupees for 150g

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9. Shower to Shower Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Talc

Shower to Shower is a generic and popular brand of powders for men. It has the nice subtle smell and works well on the body moisture and areas that tends to get sweaty during summer season. Shower to Shower Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Talc can treat the rashes and painful itchy eruptions very well.

Price: 360 Rupees for 600g

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10. Denver Ice Cold Talc

Denver is popular for body sprays and deodorants. but this Deo talc is as good as their deos. The Ice cold Talc has  fine texture that blends well on your skin and gives long lasting fragrance. If you have problem of skin chaffing then it also prevents chaffing. It gives great results with its cooling ingredients and the bacteriostatic substances for body odor control. You can know more about the best body odor control soaps available in India here.

Price: 140 Rupees for 300g

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11. Yardley London Gold Deodorizing Talc for Men

Yardley London Gold Deodorizing Talc for Men is a luxurious perfumed talc made for men with the best smelling fragrances. It leaves the skin feeling soft and fragrant all day with the exotic scent in it. It mildly soothes your irritated skin and does not let it get sticky. These talcum powders are a bit expensive for the powders but worth splurging on with its high quality and scented nature.

Price: 260 Rupees for 250g

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12. Avon Mesmerize For Men Talc Powder

Avon is a leader in Direct Selling but its products now are also available online. Thanks to the various representative who took the initiative to sells Avon products online. This Talc for men is truly a gem. It has an intoxicating charming signature scent that oozes musky and warm notes of lime, cinnamon and patchouli. It is one of the best selling body powders for men.

Price: 150 Rupees for 200g

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13. Denver Black Code Talcum Powder for Men

Denver is a favorite brand amongst the Indian men. This talcum powder is reasonably priced which makes it very affordable. It has masculine strong scent which develops in a soothing mild one after few minutes. Just apply after the bath and keep yourself energized.

Price: 140 Rupees for 300g

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These are the best selling and top talcum powders for men in India, have you used these body powders? Which is your favorite powder for summers and otherwise?

Now before you leave don’t you wish to know how exactly you apply body powders as it may be a case that you have been using the wrong technique over the years.

How to Use Talcum Powders?

These are very easy to work around but little bit of tips and tricky always work well. Let’s read on the step by step application for talc.

After you have taken the shower make sure that you’ve completely dried your skin. 

Take some powder on the palm and apply on your feet and behind the knees, where you are likely to sweat. Apply some on the private parts as well to keep the area dry especially during summers.

Rub on the skin for few seconds so that it create a thin layer and gets absorbed a bit. Now apply some powder on the neck and underarms.

Soon after that you can apply your deodorants and body sprays.

Apply some on the chest areas too for long lasting freshness.

So, this is how you apply talc on your body in summers to keep yourself fresh. Don’t forget to check out the best summer deodorants and body sprays for men in India.

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